Why Planes Crash BY HUNTER LEWIS

Plane crashes one of the scariest things ever stealing lives one by one falling. The reason a plane crashes will be uncovered in 3... 2... 1… According to R&B Law 50% of plane crashes are caused by pilot error. This is because they have all of this gear to read and they have to be precise in their readings or else they will crash. Another 22% of crashes are because of mechanical error. It can be because of a flaw in a wing or in something else in the plane. In 1962 an American airlines crashed because a swan hit the planes left horizontal stabilizer . Birds have caused 7 crashes up to date. This could lead to more crashes over time. About 12% of plane crashes are caused by weather. This can be because of a storm sneaking up on the pilot. Another 9% of crashes were caused by sabotage. The four most known are 9/11 and these grab everyone on social media. 7% of crashes are by other human error. And this is when air traffic control messes up in their reading to George Carlin “ If the “black box” flight recorder is never damaged during a plane crash why isn't the whole plane made of that stuff?” He is saying that the black box is so strong just make the plane out of that. Because all but weather are caused by human error, that means that 88% of all plane crashes are caused by human error! According to Steven Johnson “It is extraordinary how safe flying has become. You are now statistically more likely to be elected president of the United States in your lifetime than you are to die in a plane crash. What an amazing achievement as a society!” He is saying that flying has become so safe that if one happens and you survive you are special.

Fires like a bomb falling from the sky and blowing you and your family of the face of the earth never to be seen again, but is there a way to put the fire out? Plane fires are rare but do happen a fire starts when there is a leak in the fuel. After that happens, all you need is a single spark to start the fire. Once the fire starts, pilots have to stop the fuel from coming into the engine. When the engines are off all you have to do pull a knob and an extinguisher goes into the engine. From there all you have to do is start the engines again.

Planes are scary and everyone is afraid the pilots will misread their gear and crash, but most pilots will not do that they will normally read correctly. The next time you fly just remember you will most likely not die.


Sabotage Destroy or damage on purpose.

uncovered not covered


a mistake or shortcoming in a plan


a fault or failure to meet a certain standard


a level of quality or attainment


the action or fact of achieving a goal towards which one has worked


parallel to the plane of the horizon


side by side and having the same distance continuously between them


without interruption or gaps


Destroy or damage on purpose.

black box

a flight recorder in an aircraft


very unusual or remarkable


worthy of attention


a small fiery particle thrown off from a fire


a minute portion of matter


put an end to; destroy


read (a piece of text) wrongly


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