The Giver Scrapbook By: Siana King

I chose an apple to represent this book because in the book the apple symbolizes change. Change is a big thing in this specific novel because the Giver and Jonas both want the community to be different. They want people to feel things.

Jonas In The Beginning

In the beginning of the book, Jonas is an average person. He acted like everyone else around him. I chose a diamond to represent Jonas at this point in the book because a diamond, before you clean it, is dull. But on the inside it's beautiful. Like I said earlier, Jonas acted like everyone else, but later in the story that changes.

JOnas in the middle

Jonas in the end

Jonas, at the end of the book became very brave and ventures to Elsewhere. I chose a bicycle to represent this part in the novel because that is how Jonas escaped the community. The bicycle also symbolizes independence earlier in the book.

Main Conflict

The conflict in this book is man vs. society. I chose Martin Luther King Jr. to represent this because he wanted the world to be a place where everyone was equal, no matter their skin tone. That was extremely hard to do because some of the people in the world did not want that. Similarly, in The Giver Jonas feels that all of the people in the community should either have the memories or at least have access to them, but because of the rules that can't happen.

Climax of novel

The climax in the novel is when Jonas finds out what release is. It is an emotional high point because Jonas realizes that all of the people that he has known to be released, like the twin, have been killed like that. I chose a syringe to represent this because that is what they use to release the people.


The resolution of this novel is that Jonas and Gabriel make it down the hill and get to another village. A hill is the symbol I chose to represent the resolution because it is what Gabe and Jonas slid down to get to the other village or town.


Created with images by Emanuele Longo - "Hand" • Couleur - "apple red fruit" • Wokandapix - "feel word letters" • Conal Gallagher - "Bicycle" • skeeze - "martin luther king jr i have a" • - "syringe straight" • brownpau - "Hill"

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