Bruises An exciting story written by: ASHTON ERICKSON

Aris is in pain everyday she doesn't know how to stop his emotions. She is mentally and physically broken. She's not sure how long she can go on and she thinks she is going to end it.

Aris stands in the beating hot sun which is not uncommon for Las Vegas at this time of year, as she cheers on the football team. Ty catches the ball at the 25th yard line and runs it into the end zone! TOUCHDOWN! Refs blow the whistle, the game ends and the Rebels win the game 42-20!

Ty and Aris drove down the strip during rush hour traffic to Archie's pizza palace. Ty was an impatient driver revving his engine when a red light held him back. The smell of the hot engine felt even hotter with the heat beating off the asphalt. It was a hot night with little air movement. Creating a muggy feeling which made it hard to breathe. Ty and Aris pull into the parking lot of the pizza place to celebrate with the rest of the team on their big win!

As they sat in the parking lot "What's wrong Ty? Are you not happy that you won?" Aris asks in a concerned voice.

His grip loosens on the steering wheel as he becomes more sad "Of course I am happy, I just wish my mom could have seen it."

Aris feels bad for Ty. His mom passed away when he was only six years old and ever since then he has only had his dad and they became really close. "I am sure she is very proud of you, remember she is in a better place."

"I know I just miss her a lot, I feel like I need to make her proud."

"Well I am almost positive that she will be proud of you whatever you do and I also believe that she wants you to celebrate your big win!" Ty's face turns into a little smirk.

"Yeah you are right, let's go!" as his face turns into a huge smile.

It was an awesome night they danced, drank and laughed a lot only to wake up the next morning with a killer hangover. Aris has a major headache and hits Ty to get up. Ty flies off the bed surprised by what Aris did. He automatically knows what she wants, so he goes into the bathroom cabinet and grabs the Advil and gives it to her then goes back to sleep. Later that day, both of them were up and moving around the house. Aris invites Taylor and Avery over while Ty goes out and runs some errands.

The next couple of weeks were the same as always, tests, studying, homework, football practices, etc. Except for one day that changed everything. Ty was at work fixing up a car when his boss says that someone is on the phone he just assumes it's Aris but he was not prepared for the news he was about to get. He picks up the phone.

"Hello, this is Ty talking." He says normally

"Hi Ty, this is Christina calling from the hospital I need you could come to the here right away."

Ty's grip tightens around the phone, his knuckles turn white and his voice becomes more stern "Sure okay can I ask what it is for?" Ty says strong and choppy

"It is regarding a family member."

"Okay I am on my way!" he says very quickly

He gets to the hospital and asks for the nurse. The nurse brings him into a room with his father laying on the bed. Ty's eyes fill up with tears as they spill over the edge of his eyes and begin to fall down his face. His father laying there, dead and all he can do is cry. This is breaking him too much. He cannot tell anyone about his father and so that’s what he does, leaves the hospital and never speaks of it for the rest of the day. When he gets home he goes into the his room and slams the door. Aris tries to talk to him but he doesn’t open the door he just sits there angry and sad about his dad. Couple hours later he comes out and tells Aris that he just had a bad day, then they snuggle up and watch TV.

Ty has been bundling up his feelings for two days now and its eating away at him. One day Aris was studying in the dining room and Ty was watching TV in the living room. Aris gets really annoyed because she cannot study with loud noises. She gets up and tries to yell over the TV.

"TY TURN DOWN THE TV I CAN'T STUDY WITH ALL OF THIS NOICE!" She yells, mad and frustrated. Being that Ty is bundling up all of his feelings and emotions his anger is coming out and he gets mad.

"I AM NOT TURNING DOWN THIS TV GO STUDY SOMEWHERE ELSE!" He screams, much louder than she did. Astonished by what Ty said, she packed up her things and left in a huff. The next couple of weeks are the same but Aris and Ty are fighting a lot more and Ty gets angrier everyday he doesn’t tell anyone.

One day Ty and Aris are arguing about Aris hanging out with too many guys lately. As they scream at each other Ty's blood pressure starts to rise and he starts getting more angry by the second. Aris is yelling at him as loud as she can to get her point across. Ty losses it and slaps Aris across the face. Aris in shock she stood there staring at him. She gets quiet for a moment and then gets really mad.


"YOU WEREN'T LETTING ME TALK!" He yells back just as loud. She gets pissed off by his answer and storms out of the room and slams the door. Ty still mad by what happened starts to hit anything that he find.

A couple of weeks went by Ty and Aris are fighting more and more. Again they were fighting about something stupid. Yelling at each other and once again Ty gets so angry that he hits Aris but that doesn’t stop her, she keeps yelling at him Ty is pushing the limit with how mad he can get and then he slips. He punches Aris right in the gut, realizing what he did right away he apologizes and tells her how much he loves her and that he just got mad. Being that Aris doesn’t know anything that happened she assumes it was just a onetime thing and she forgives him. This cycle goes on for about 2 months.

Aris is out at a coffee shop with Taylor and Avery, they realize that something is wrong but they don’t know what so they just leave it alone. Taylor and Avery are Aris's best friends they know everything about Aris but they do not know anything about what's going with her and Ty. While they are at the coffee shop Avery and Taylor are trying to think of things that they could do for fun. They finally decide what they want to do and it does not go in Aris's favor, they go swimming.

When they get to the pool they go get their bathing suits on and when Aris comes out Taylor and Avery are surprised by what's all over her body. There are bruises everywhere on her legs, stomach, back, arms. They confront her and ask her where they all came from she hesitates and says she fell down the stairs, they don't believe it for a second they keep asking more and more question. Taylor pry's and pry's, Aris losses it and breaks into tears. She tells them everything, Ty mentally, verbally, and physically abusing her. She tells them how scared she is to leave and how she doesn't know what to do because she knows that this is not the real Ty. Avery and Taylor tell Aris that she needs to stand up to Ty and not take any crap from him.

Taylor asks very low and quiet " Have you tried going to Hopes Home? They have really good people there that you can talk to and that can help you being that Las Vegas, New Mexico is ranked number 2 for domestic abuse."

"No I haven't because I didn't know that maybe I will try to go there in a couple of weeks!" Aris sits there to think about but then jumps into the pool to have some fun to help get her mid off of what's happening.

Once again Ty and Aris are fighting. Remembering what Avery and Taylor said she stands up to him. Ty hits her and that’s when she gets defensive.

"Stop hitting me I am tired of being hit by you!!" She yells at him

"Oh yeah? What if I don't stop? What are you going to do?" As he says this Aris realizes that he has changed and that she is in pain everyday she doesn't know how to stop his emotions. She is mentally and physically broken. She's not sure how long she can go on and she thinks she is going to end it.

"Ty if you don't stop abusing me I am going to leave you" She says as mature and calm as she can.

"You won't leave me" He says

"Yes I will!" She says more defensive. The more Aris gets defensive the more Ty gets mad and it escalates quickly.

"Ty you can't keep treating me like I am a plush toy!! I am not your little bitch that does everything you say! So either change or I am ending our relationship!!" She yells confidently

"No! We are not breaking up!" He yells as he picks up a knife. As he picks up the knife Aris realizes what she has gotten herself into. She bolts for the door. Ty runs after her. The heat broke that day with a large rainstorm. Just as Aris goes out the door there was a thunderous boom and a blinding flash, it was so dark you would of thought it was the dead of night. Aris runs to the street, they hear the sound of a screeching car turning the corner and the headlights glint on the wet asphalt. Everyone heard the squeal of the wet brakes but the reaction wasn't soon enough. Neither of them thought it would end like this.


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