My Five Senses

My eyes help me to see.
I see colours all around me.

My nose smells wonderful things.

Like flowers....

....and grass....

....and my grandma's cooking.

My tongue helps me to taste fantastic things.
Lemons are sour, candy is sweet. Chips are salty and peppers are spicy. My favourite taste is chocolate.
My hands feel things that are soft, sharp, hot and cold.
A puppy has soft fur, sharp teeth and a cold nose!
What sounds can you hear? My ears help me to hear the sounds around me.

Listen to the barking dogs!

All of my senses are part of me!!!!!!
Created By
Mali Bickley


Created with images by croisy - "sea sand coast" • rawpixel - "untitled image" • ian dooley - "Balloon fiesta" • Ed Robertson - "London Street Art" • Sharon Pittaway - "untitled image" • Kyler Nixon - "untitled image" • indah nur - "Cherry blossom against blue sky" • PublicDomainPictures - "grass grassy lawn" • PublicDomainPictures - "appetizer salmon canape" • Jaro_N - "lemon lemons fruit citrus fruit citrus southern" • eismannhans - "smarties confectionery sugar" • PDPics - "potato bowl food" • Meditations - "appetite banana calories catering cellulite chilli cholesterol" • Sheelah Brennan - "Homemade Cupcakes" • Chiemsee2016 - "puppy golden retriever dog" • Deniz Altindas - "untitled image" • Jay Wennington - "untitled image"

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