GMOs By: Ben purvis

The GMO I am doing my project on is corn. Nearly 88% of corn is genetically modified making it one the most common forms of GMOs.

Description of the GMO

Corn contains multiple traits that make it a GMO. One of the most important traits is insect resistance. With corn being grown in fields, and then being shipped off to be consumed by humans, it is very important for the corn clean... especially of bugs! Another trait corn contains is herbicide resistance. In order to make the farming of crops more efficient, farmers spray their fields with herbicide to kill plants. If corn wasn't resistant to the herbicide then the corn would be damaged.

Creation of Genetically Modified Corn

The first people to genetically modify corn were farmers who used techniques dating back 10,000 years ago. These techniques involved cross breeding plants and animals in order to get more of the positive traits and less of the negative traits. Today, more advanced techniques are used to create genetically modified corn. Biotechnology is used to create mutations which will make positive effects on corn such as resistance to insects, increased size or quantity, and better tasting or increased nutrition.

Pros and Cons of GMOs

Pro : GMOs can be resistant to insects. When crop seeds are planted insects can't eat them. GMOs can improve taste by removing seeds. GMOs can be larger allowing more food to be consumed. Also GMOs can tolerate herbicides so weeds can be killed without killing all the crops.

Con : GMOs could be creating new allergens or causing cancer. Also, nobody really knows if GMOs are healthy or not. Some say they cause allergic reactions or diseases.

My Stance

I believe GMOs are not harmful and should continue to be produced. I also believe that everyone should have the right to know what there eating. I say this because if you think GMOs are harmful then you should know which foods you should avoid. The reason I believe GMOs should be produced is because they can resist insects which also helps resist disease. Also GMOs can get rid of seeds and improve the taste of food in other ways. My final point is that GMOs have been produced for nearly 30 years and there has never been a big problem or danger from GMOs.


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