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Inquiry questions

why did the colony develop?

It was because of the convicts they stole many bread so they put them in prison after that they got resources and foodHow did they survive . They found out it is safe to stay there then a gold rush apared settlers came from Britain to start a new life and they came for farming gold rush but the gold rush wasn't until 1819and many things then French and Dutch came.In 1829 is when the first minarets camriver was claimed

What was the first ship of swan river?

The first ship was called Prince of Wales it carried more men than women back then men stole more than women it was70%men20%women

Swan river
Why did they choose swan river

The convict chosen swan river because it had no owner and it was safe to go there it had right whether and great for growing crops and food not too hot and not too cold


Google showbie

Primary source

Secondary source Google

Pinjarra mascara

Mascara happens because captain James Stirling decided he can have the land for him self and the rupians so aboriginal people said no you can not have the land then a war broke out the it happened on the 1834 October 28

Thing to reflect from the past to remember

Use now fure leather boots shoes clothing not to use ball chain spear horse in a war whips


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