2017 started on a positive note for the Faculty of International Business and Economics. New beginnings and projects in development.

We are the hosts of the newest Center for American Studies, an important resource for our students. More details about the Center, on its Facebook page.

The Opening of the Center for American Studies - January 19, 2017. The Centre had as guests on its launch His Excellency Hans Klemm, the US Ambassador to Romania, Prof. Nicolae Istudor, the Rector of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Prof. Marius Profiroiu, Vice-Rector in charge with International Relations, Prof. Dorel Paraschiv, Vice-Rector in charge with the Business Environment, teachers and students.

Andreea Paul, Ph.D., launched a new and very interesting project: The Initiative for Competitiveness (Initiativa pentru Competitivitate). We are looking forward to the results of this extremely relevant initiative.

Octavian Jora, Ph.D., continued his impactful endeavor as the founder editor-in-chief of the online journal The Market for Ideas. Joining him on this journey of sharing important ideas are several members of our teaching and research community, such as Professor Dumitru Miron, as President of Scientific Board of the journal.

Centre de Réussite Universitaire organized between 9-20 January the first stage of the « Mon premier emploi » competition. Compelling student interactions make us look forward to the second stage.

On January 17, the Centre for Literary Research and Applied Linguistics Teodora Cristea hosted a conference on "Teaching Romanian as a Foreign Language" held by Raluca Nicoleta Serban, Ph.D. A topic of interest for the internationalization of our Faculty.

We continued to provide you information about the volatility of Romanian markets on indicevolatilitate.ase.ro. Read on for brief overview of the month in terms of market volatility...

Market Volatility in January 2017: We begin our series of stock market analysis by providing some results of our volatility indices computed for relevant financial time series. Our volatility index reflects the level of uncertainty implied by the stock market prices. The chart depicts the dynamics of annualized conditional volatilities produced by a large set of volatility models.

These computations are based on data extracted from Bloomberg. The methodology is presented on www.indicevolatilitate.ase.ro. The values represent conditional annualized volatilities.

Market Volatility in January 2017: We notice that our gauge of volatility reflects a realm of calmness for our market in the last month, with higher levels at the beginning of the year and the end of January.

These computations are based on data extracted from Bloomberg for the 25 assets that compose the BET-XT index. The methodology is presented on www.indicevolatilitate.ase.ro. The red line is the median of annualized volatilities, the black shaded area depicts the values situated between the 25th and the 75th percentile and the larger shaded area shows the range of these volatilities.

Market Volatility in January 2017: The distribution of volatilities computed using the same methodology for each financial asset employed in the computation of the BET-XT index show that, with very few exceptions, the risk is equally distributed for the spectrum of these equities, with a larger dispersion at the beginning of the year.

We are almost done with the new version of our website in English. Also planned, a refurbish of our website in Romanian.

We shall wrap up the first semester with the exam session. One week of holiday, then full speed ahead to the Second Semester.

In other news: Erasmus+ educational offer is online, the distribution on topics and teachers for the graduation theses shall be posted in its final version, the Student's Scientific Competition is getting near.

Thank you for joining us through the first month of 2017 and Stay tuned to the life of REI @ www.rei.ase.ro

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