The Florida Museum of Natural History Ben Ingham

Nature on Display

What I loved about this exhibit was the presentation of each season and each type of garden you could have. What mainly caught my eye was the lighting of each garden- it was just very aesthetically pleasing.

Life Cycles in Your Garden

The most enjoyable part of my time at this museum was the actual butterfly rain-forest. Walking through the garden was an intense experience- everywhere I looked I saw butterflies. The best part was looking closer at the foliage and seeing the camouflaged butterflies.

Nature and Ethics

I was definitely filled with a sense of admiration as I walked through the museum. Being educated on any creature makes me have a greater respect for it.

As I was walking around the museum, I was thinking about how there are all these exhibits that exist in order to inform people, but there wasn't anyone there! There's a huge problem of conservation and ignorance involving nature, and the cure for this is education.

The greatest experience for me really was the butterfly rain-forest. It really gave me a taste of nature to walk around and be in the midst of all the creatures. I think ethical responsibility to nature is fully realized when you experience it in the world- like camping and finding an ecosystem in a nearby river, or going to the Grand Canyon. The museum allowed me to have a similar version of real life and I appreciate their ability to allow the public to connect in this way- just seeing their faces of discovery and taking pictures was satisfying to me personally.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Natural History museum helped me to feel as if I was in a magical place (or at least transported), to somewhere where butterflies are literally everywhere. I think the most relaxing part for me, was taking in the waterfall and the coi pond in the middle of the rain-forest area. The shrubbery surrounding this pond and the bamboo trees created a serene environment that really helped me to appreciate nature.

One thing I thought was interesting was a nest of birds that were hidden away but cared for by the caretakers. In this way, the museum helped me to step out of my ordinary life and reflect on how other animals function and operate in their own daily lives.

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