Art at Home: A student compilation See what Palo Alto High School Art students have created and have to say during distance learning. Photo: Edward Zhang

"Distance learning has not only caused changes in the physical aspects of my art, but it has forced me to adapt my mental approach to creating art as well. At the very least, this semester has taught me the significance of perseverance when it comes to staying creatively motivated in times of uncertainty."

— Alison Xiong, junior in AP Studio Art and Design

"Quarantine overall has helped me experiment more with different mediums and I do honestly think that consistency has helped me a lot even when I'm not in the mood. I've definitely been getting used to Photoshop to make album covers and my own projects. Right now, I'm pretty much just focused with having fun with art and adjusting to the world."

— Leonardo Vargas, senior in Advanced Painting and Drawing 2

"Because I'm comfortable and familiar with art, I don't rely on real-time feedback as much as I did in my earlier art classes. That being said, I still miss being able to quickly ask my teacher a question about the progress of a piece. My passion for my design topic has made it easier for me to go into projects confidently."

— Amanda McVey, senior in AP Studio Art and Design

"I've created my first ever mini series where I’ve explored my asian heritage, which was extremely reflective and [an] amazing experience. I’ve had more time to reflect on the world around me — my emotions and how I deal with solitude or stress, which have inspired many pieces of art."

— Edward Zhang, senior in AP Art Studio and Design

"I’ve already completed over five AP portfolio pieces, and although that’s roughly the same as it would be in class, I still feel like there is something missing. For next semester, I’m planning on just continuing as I have been. I’ve purchased plenty of my own art supplies as well as going back and forth to the classroom for safe pickup of materials."

— Joey Edmonds, senior in AP Studio Art and Design

"I had a lot more freedom at home, and since I couldn't contact my teacher as frequently, I had to direct my pieces more, which also meant I had to think more. That kind of forced me out of my comfort zone and let me brainstorm independently, so I've learned a lot about my own style as a result."

— April Wu, junior in AP Studio Art and Design