Financing By Jack Fisher

Stocks, best way to make a profit in a short amount of time
You want to Have a higher eps because this means the profit of the company divided by the number of shares of the stock, meaning the higher the number, the more profit the company makes. You also want to have a lower PE ratio because it is better it gives you a rough indication of how well valued the stock price is of your company. To simplify, it tells you if the price of the stock is a fair price. Most importantly, buy stocks low, and sell high.

In order to not have a high chance of loosing money in the stock market, you should invest in different company's so you don't loose everything at once if it comes down to it.

Credit Cards

Credit cards give a high chance for someone to be in dept for a long time. Someone can pay off a $1000 loan for as long or longer than 20 years. It depends on your credit because the worse credit one has, the more interest is paid.

Credit cards are good for emergency's because if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and have no money, you can use a credit card to pay the toe truck man. A credit card is a good thing to have. Or in case of buying something expensive, you don't want carry around $600 in cash.
There are many type of insurances. The main required insurance is liability insurance which covers for when your at fault. There are many other types of insurance deals that the business people try to sell you, but the main thing that you want is liability. Make sure that you get the best deal for your money based off of the insurance company. Make sure you have insurance or else you will have to pay the total cost for repair all up front which is going to get you into dept.
Comparison shopping

To comparison shop, the easiest way to do this is by doing it all online. You can go to certain sites such as consumer reports which makes it easy for you to compare a product with the same type of reviews.

You can see the same type of reviews for different products. For example, searching for a tablet, there is different reviews for things like display and ease of use or screen size. Then you can take the criteria that you like and pick which one you like. Then you see what store

Then choose a store that you feel comfortable buying from. If a store that you are not sure with has the same product that you want for really cheap, they may be trying to scam you and you should buy from the stores that you are most comfortable with that you know are giving you a good deal on the product.
Complaint letter

You need to be formal and polite when you write a complaint letter. Also, your reason should be some what of a sensible reason. You will be surprised on if your letter is in good format, sensible, and respectful... then you could get some responses

There is only a few huge food corporations that run the food world. They may make things to look appealing but instead they are really feeding you crap. They only care about making more money and therefore causing those that consume it to be come obeis.
The food corporations are only worried about mass production therefore they use things like corn to feed their animals. This leads to the animals to become sick and also they don't produce as much nutrition from the meat of the animal. I learned that it is best to get things that are organic because the animals are raised naturally
You should educate yourself about things that you know are a big investment. Always keep in mind if what you but is what you really need. Make decisions to stay out of dept which will lead you to a happy and healthy better you!


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