Okapia Johnstoni Taylor Graves

Okapi's are found in the tropical forest part of Democratic Republic of the Congo, Africa. Okapi's have stripes on their legs that look like the stripes that zebras have. The rest of their body is a brown. Although these rare animals are related to graffes they don't exactly resmeble. Okpai's have short legs to have better travels in the tropical forest.

They live about 20-30 years and have at least one offspring in their entire life. They grow, at the most, to be as tall as the average 13 year old boy, which is 5 feet. They can weight up to 770 pounds. Also, Okapi's have super duper long tongues.

Okapi's lives purely depend on the habitat they are in. So the impacts humans are making is tearing down their habitats. The only bad impact humans are having is that we are talking away their habitats. They can only sustain certain climate so they cant really go anywhere else. There are people trying to take action in saving these habitats, which can go pretty far.


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