The World According To Fatma b.



How might having a valuable resource affect a region?

The valuable resource has an effect because it makes the country wealthy. The city of Dubai are taking the oil and trading it with other states to make money to make a big city. They also use the money to make buildings.They make buildings so the place could be a place where people would want to come. They also use the money for education and health. They use the money for education and health because they want to decrease the amount of lives that are gone and increase the amount of people that get an education. Most Countries in the southwest and Central Asia have crude oil. They use this oil for multiple reasons and ways.

How do people adapt living in the desert?

People adapt to living in the desert by living near oases and by using their environment. People live near oases because there is little water in the desert and they need water to survive. Near the oases there are baobab and date trees. The trees help because they drink the water in the baobab trees and eat the dates on the date palm. People also live either permanently or temporarily near the oases for water. People also trade food like cheese, milk, and meat. All of these things are usually near oases.

What forces work for and against supranational cooperation among nations?

There are forces that bring us together and that bring us apart. languages can be a challenge different languages causes different feelings. the languages can change how people see you. languages can change everything. How people think of you and what they think your conclusion forces can be good but they can be bad.

What is government and why is it necessary?

Government is the governing body of a nation, state, or community. It's necessary because if you didn't have a government the state or nation will be a complete disaster. Anarchy is an absence of government. People can do whatever they want and there is no rule of law. Government is usually a group of people that make the laws and rules and people attempt to follow them so they can become a community. Governments are here to make decisions and maintain order. in conclusion you need to have a government because the less people you have in. A government the better but you at least need a government to make the citizens feel protected.

What does it mean to be a good citizen?

Being a citizen means a lot to the people in the country, state. Being a good citizen means to follow the law. Voting is a responsibility. The right is to have freedom. You have to pay taxes so you can make the city better. You have to look out for people. That's what makes you a good citizen.


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