One day in the glaciers a family of 3 rain drops named Bob (on the left) Tommy (on the bottom) and lastly Tanner are living happily living there for 200 years in tell the small town they live in there. Is a medeor shower and they have to move to ground water

This is called sulpumation

Now they stay in the in ground water for 200 years then there is lightning storm and they run to the lake they are fine for now.

This is accumulation

Another day in the lake then one summer day it is extremely hot out so we decided to move to the clouds tanner hollord "We are Evaporating!!!" " Cool! " explained bob

This is called evaporation

They loved living in the clouds then there was a blizzard and they got kicked out of there home. Then they had lived on a fox tell they fell off.

This is precipitation

Then they fell off the fox they fell to soil surface they were stuck there for 200 more years then they evaporated back to Cloud City.

This is Evaporateion

Over time the Cloud City had to be remodeled so they had to move out. So they moved to ground water they stay in ground water for 400 years.

This is precipitation and infiltration

Then one morning the new neighbors were not that nice. so Tanner and Bob asked Tommy if they could move so they moved back to the river.

This is Infiltration

After just 200 years they are tired of there home so they decided they would go to live on there favorite animal the panda.

Then they evaporated off the panda and live in Cloud City for 800 years and they stay there for a long time at least in tell the water cycle starts over.

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