Nurse Practitioner By lauren luttrull

Nature of work:Their main goals are to coordinate patient care and provide primary or secondary healthcare.They perform functions such as taking the patient's medical history and symptoms, perform exams, diagnose health problems, give patients medicine, and conduct research.
Training, Qualifications, and Advancements: The education for a NP includes a 4-year bachelor degree in nursing, a license to be a registered nurse, and 2 years of nurse practitioner school. The qualifications involve having good communication skills, critical thinking skills, compassion, detail-oriented, and leadership skills.Advancements in this job include going on to administration or some form of leadership over nurses.
Employment: The employment conditions are very good because of the versatility of Nurse Practitioners to work in many environments.
Job Outlook: 31% which is greatly above average. The growing need for cheaper healthcare provides job security for Nurse Practitioners because it is cheaper to visit a Nurse Practitioner than a doctor.
Projection Data:Base of 126,900 and projected to be 171,700 which is 44,700 or 32.5% change in the next few years
Earnings: The earning potential for this job is about $104,740 per year or $50.36 per hour.
Related Occupations: Nurse Anesthetist and Nurse Midwife


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