My survey Results By sydnei schrote

Hello my name is Sydnei Schrote.

My topic that I choose was fashion. I was interested in it to find out what people liked, and that was also my purpose to find out what people liked. I asked the question " What's your style?". To answer my research question I asked 10 people. The same group was made up of 90% girls and 10% boys. I picked this group, because it was assigned to me. I avoid sample bias by asking questions without using the word favorite.

This is amazing

I was expecting to find more answer's from girls than boys, because boy's are a lot of the time not into fashion. I did not find what I was expecting. I was surprised to find out that most of were they found it was from the store. My survey did achieve it's purpose. This is because I wanted to know answers. I think that the results can not be applied to the population. This is because of all the different responses.

My life

As a next step I would add more questions and different questions. If I were to do this survey again I would change some of questions. I would change the store questions and the long answer questions.


The first one is what grade you are in. The second ( to the right) is what gender you are. The next one on the right is what store you visit first. The one on the left below it is where do you get your style ideas. The one on the right on the bottom is do you follow trends.

Good bye
The End!!!!!!!!


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