the scandal of sanctified robbery

The scandal of one variety of Christian teaching is that we come to God by reading the Bible and doing what it says. But this is no more valid than the Jews attempt to keep the law.

Jumping through hoops

But this is not the testimony of the New Testament

Jesus, Paul and John are in agreement

The witness of the Bibe is that we are created anew because Christ by the Spirit becomes us. The NT is not a moral compendium or a treatise on Christian values. Scripture tells us that Christ represents us, Christ is who we are. Christ is who we are becoming. Christ is the alpha of you and the omega of me. The testimony of scripture is that in Jesus we belong in God and have been united with God in Christ Jesus.

Jesus become your best self

No need for a mask when Jesus is you. You are who you are with bells on.

The Spirit of Jesus speaks to you continually. Learn to listen. Jesus will speak into your spirit out of life. He will be your life. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty and freedom from religious humbug. When you read the Bibe and ask Jesus to be it's goodness in you.

He is in you all the time and everywhere.

You are are holy because Jesus is holy and He lives in you.

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