Students should be able to take naps at school

Do you want to be more productive, more attentive and last but not least not feel tired during class? Well there's an easy way to achieve all of those, it's by taking a nap. In this text I will be telling you about how taking a 30 minute to 1 hour nap each day at school will Benefit students and teachers, and how it will make the classroom a better environment. If you already think there's no way taking a nap could make the things I listed possible I suggest that you keep reading.

Have you ever been in the position where your teacher is talking and you're struggling to keep up with them? Well there's a simple way to fix that taking a nap. A calculation was made and results showed that U.S businesses lost 18 billion dollars a year from workers being lethargic on the job. But still businesses are getting tough on people taking naps. A study at Harvard university was where students had to tell the orientation of three diagonal bars against a background of horizontal bars, four sessions a day, the students did poorly. Then the students were allowed to take a 30 minute nap after the second session this nap actually improved the results and prevented deterioration. The study also found that in some cases taking naps can improve your mood. How could you still disagree with taking naps after all of this evidence I've given you? But if you do there's almost no way you will still disagree after the next paragraph.

In the classroom have you had inattentive students that look like they need a nap? That's probably because they need a nap. You may be thinking if students took a 30 minute nap that would put their education at risk because they're missing half of their lesson. Even though they're missing half of the lesson after they've had time to nap they will be more alert and less tired meaning they can process more information quicker. Also if teachers have had something unplanned happen to them and haven't had time to prepare for their class they can prepare while the students are napping. This shows how napping has benefits for teachers and students. Don't worry I still have two more paragraphs to persuade you that taking a 30 minute nap is a great thing to do.

Last but not least taking naps makes the classroom a enthusiastic, energetic and engaged place. When people are lethargic they usually don't want to learn anything they just want to rest. Studies showed that students having a 30 minute nap was highly beneficial. So if students got to have a 30 minute nap they would most likely be in a better mood and want to learn. Not only does the nap reduce deterioration in students it would also make students happier and a happier learning environment is a better learning environment than a lethargic one.

I have just explained how naps benefit students, teachers and the learning environment. I hope that you agree if we want better results from students, more attentive students and happier students we need to let students have naps.


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