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Sports are an escape. There are precious few safe places to care passionately about something while actively disagreeing. Politics, religion, and even the food we choose to eat highlight what divides people and pushes them into smaller and smaller corners. People across all those divides come together to cheer, celebrate, and even hug one another in the name of sport. No sports community is stronger than the 12s who stand behind the Seahawks.

My goal when I started Hawkblogger.com in 2007 was to create a place where Seahawks fans could gather and share in their obsession. I had graduated American University ten years prior with a degree in print journalism, with an eye on becoming a sports writer, but instead found success in technology working for Adobe Systems, Inc. The Seahawks were always my favorite team, and the blog provided the outlet I craved.

Things started slowly, with just a handful of readers. That was plenty for me. It was a small community, but a community nonetheless. It grew into much more. Tens became hundreds and then thousands and now the top independent Seahawks blog on the web, visited by millions of people. It has been a thrilling and humbling experience.

Unlike typical sports coverage, Hawkblogger.com prioritizes analysis over superficial breaking news. Long form articles are the norm. People come here to learn not only about their favorite team, but about the game they love. They hear from someone who has seen every Seahawks game since the mid-80s, and who obsessively catalogs every detail about team performance. Articles range from deep analytics to pure emotional experience. Reading The Morning After column has become a Seattle sports fan ritual.

My job at Adobe means I do not need the revenue generated from this blog, so I made the decision in 2012 to donate all proceeds to charity. I have a two sons, and the youngest has special needs. John Schneider, GM of the Seahawks, has a son with autism. His wife, Traci, started a charity called Ben's Fund that benefits parents who cannot afford expensive autism treatments. It seemed like the perfect way to complete the virtuous cycle I had in mind when starting this blog. Every person who joins the Hawkblogger community, or just reads a story, gives back through this system.

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A significant portion of our articles are picked up and shared view the Bleacher Report Team Stream app. We provide great Seahawks content. They provide an influx of new readers.

I make weekly appearances on the Dave "Softy" Mahler podcast through the season, and join the live radio show when time permits. I have also been a guest on CBS Sports radio, and my work is regularly referenced on ESPN Radio. Bill Simmons spoke at some length about an article I wrote during the 2015 playoffs.

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We support standard IAB ad spots throughout the site. These include leaderboards, skyscrapers, and various right rail rectangles. Site takeovers or skins are available as well.

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Our long form content lends itself to sponsored posts, links, contests and product reviews. Our audience is engaged and eager to find ways to enhance their fan experience.

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