Getting Paid like Straight Garbage (occasionally) By: matt Grasman g3

this is me pleading for the monster cash!

I AM A SLAVE in the summers. I bet you can guess what my summer job is. First I'll start with some clues... I deal with lots balls on the daily, I walk/run about 56 miles a day, and my job revolves around people and my ability to converse with them. Now take a few seconds and think hard about my clues. If you guessed that I am a caddy then you're correct!! I spend my summer days roaming the grounds of the good ole Cog Hill Golf and Country Club in Lemont, Illinois. I really don't work too hard at my job just because I am a professional.... My days are usually pretty lengthy because there are some pretty trash bag golfers that request caddies. The only upside of the job is getting outside and doing what I love, and that is to be on a golf course. Of course there is the CASH that comes with great respect and earning, but I try to keep that off my mind during my loops.......NOT, ALL I THINK ABOUT IS THE CASH!!!! I really believe that the only thing that gets me through my loops is the potential outcome of becoming a millionaire. Many people may say "Matt you're a fricken moron" or "you sonuvabitch" when i complain about my tip for the day if it is not what I expect it to be. For example, if the player I am caddying for has very nice equipment and their playing skill is very well, I will assume I will get paid well. But often times after the round I get to my players car and these men drive some of the most stellar vehicles but they presume to pay me low amounts when they said I did an excellent job and I defiantly deserve the money. For honor caddies like me, there should really be a base rate of around $100 because when us prestigious caddies step on the course, we lay our lives on the line for the golfers experience. It just frustrates me so much because I know that those men are capable of paying me well for my services and then at the end of the day I head home with little money..... SIKE I GOT DOUGH BABY. (My grandma thinks I have like 3 birthdays each year. Shes really CRAZY!!!!)

Below is a picture of myself along side one of my clients this summer! As you can tell, we both have no idea what we are doing and we're just pointing in a random direction! At this point I was praying that i'd have a big pay day!

Here is a good ole pic of me when I was short and stubby. Man was my life boring.

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