#GlobalSpeedChat A Worldwide Collaboration of Kids

#GlobalSpeedChat Directions

Scroll down this page. You will find an activity each month throughout the 2016-2017 school year. Our hope is for teachers, students, clubs & classrooms worldwide to complete the activities at your leisure depending on your schedule & timezone. Simply complete the task, and check back to the activity Padlets often to see what others are posting from around the globe!

--Kim Preshoff & Jen Hesseltine, New York Teachers, #GlobalSpeedChat Founders

For more information & directions, please see the 2-Minute Tech Tip video below by Mark Dalton @MaloneCSDTeachers

Task #1
#GlobalSpeedChat Collaborative Task 1 (November 2016)

Let's Do Lunch!

What did you bring for lunch today? Ever wonder what kids around the world have for lunch at school? Your next task is to take a picture of your lunch and post it at our #GlobalSpeedChat "What's for Lunch?" Padlet! Be sure to include your location along with the picture of your lunch on the Padlet. Check back often and watch our lunch collection grow.

Things to Think About...

  • What are some similarities?
  • What are some differences?
  • Are all the lunches pictured considered "healthy?"
  • Which lunch would you like to switch with your own?
  • Does the amount of food in the lunches differ?
  • Which one would you most be willing to try?
  • Does this make you want to change your own lunch menu?
Task #2
#GlobalSpeedChat Collaborative Task 2 (December 2016)

Who Are You? Share Your Story!

A. Who Are You? Share Your Story!

VISIT ADOBE SPARK and create your visual (video) story! Follow the video slide template ideas below when creating your Adobe Spark video story (each step can be a separate slide in your video):

  1. Choose three adjectives to describe yourself!
  2. What are three verbs that represent you and your life?
  3. What is one of your favorite quotes?
  4. Using three nouns, tell us who you are!
  5. What is one challenge or goal you have and want to share with the world?
  6. Be creative…inspire others…share your story…use images that are provided or add pictures of your own.
  7. Share the link to your video on the "Share Your Story Padlet" by clicking the button below!

(You will see our videos on the Padlet as an example)

Join us for one more activity in December! See below for details...

Peace Doves from #GlobalSpeedChat at TEDSummit 2016

This time of the year is a wonderful chance to discuss the universal topic of PEACE!

What better way to create connections than an increased awareness of how others define "PEACE?"

The December PEACE TASK: Go to the PEACE PADLET by pressing the button below. Post a word, story, quote, drawing or thought about peace. You could also make Origami Peace Doves with kids by following the directions below. Be sure to post a pic of your doves on the PEACE PADLET!

Task #3
#GlobalSpeedChat Collaborative Task 3 (January 2017)

A Global Flag?

If our WORLD had a FLAG of its own, what would it look like? Design a GLOBAL FLAG and post it to the collaborative Padlet bulletin board by "clicking" the button below. Check the Padlet often to see what others across the globe have created! Feel free to give eachother positive feedback. Please use your FIRST language and remember to include your first name or name of your school, and your location.

Task #4
#GlobalSpeedChat Collaborative Task 4 (February 2017)

What's In a Name?

What's in a name? A LOT! Let's introduce ourselves to each other. Follow the steps below to record yourself saying your first name, then share your recording along with your written name and any additional information that you know about your name (meaning, heritage, background information, or even a picture representing your name) on the #GlobalSpeedChat Task #4 Padlet.

  1. Record yourself saying your first name using Vocaroo (www.vocaroo.com).
  2. After you record, and you are happy with your recording, look at the bottom of the Vocaroo page and press "Click Here to Save."
  3. Vocaroo will give you a unique link to your recording.
  4. Go to the Task 4 PADLET bulletin board below, and share the link to your Vocaroo recording on the bulletin board. Remember to check back often to hear others from around the world share their names! (Be sure to write your first name on the Padlet when you post your recording).
  5. If Vocaroo does not work for you, or you would like other options for recording, please see this awesome list of other technology apps and tools (for iPads and Chromebooks) that can be used for recording your name!
Task #5
#GlobalSpeedChat Collaborative Task 5 (March 2017)

Create a Global Poem

Did you know? World Poetry Day is March 21st!

With 4 months of #GlobalSpeedChat behind us, we are starting to see some common words emerge from our global community! Your job this month is to choose one of the words from the word-cloud below, and create a Global Poem that focuses on that word! Follow the steps below...

  1. Choose a word from the word cloud above (this will be the theme of your poem).
  2. Go to the Poetry Machine HERE and choose a poem style.
  3. Use the Poetry Machine to write your poem, then copy and paste it on the #GlobalSpeedChat Global Poem Padlet HERE!
  4. If you would prefer to simply write your poem on the Padlet, rather than using the Poetry Machine, then simply go to the Padlet and write!
  5. Remember to include your first name, and your location when you post your poem to the Global Poem Padlet!
Task #6
#GlobalSpeedChat Collaborative Task 6 (April 2017)

How do you say "hello?"

A Lesson in Greetings from Different Cultures

How do you greet friends and family in your country or culture?

Is it a hug, handshake, kiss on the cheek, or perhaps a fist-bump?

Have your class or group create a quick video using the Adobe Spark video-maker on how you greet people in your country or culture. Post it to the #GlobalSpeedChat Greeting Padlet!

Task #7
#GlobalSpeedChat Collaborative Task 7 (May 2017)

On a bench with...

Think about it. If you could sit on this bench and chat for 1 hour with anyone, who would it be? Why? Answer on our Padlet with your first name and location--press the button below to answer.

Task #8
#GlobalSpeedChat Collaborative Task 8 (June 2017)

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

"17 Goals to Transform Our World"

Zero hunger, no poverty, climate action. These are three of the 17 goals adopted by the United Nations on September 25, 2015. Check them out at the link below, then go to the GlobalGoals Padlet bulletin board, choose one and write what you can do on a personal level to make a difference. Remember to include the name of your school and/or your first name and country. Feel free to include an explanation, picture, or poem!

The End (for now)!
Kim & Jen would like to thank the folks at TED-Ed and the educators who make up the TED-Ed Innovative Educator Program for their inspiration in creating #GlobalSpeedChat.

History of #GlobalSpeedChat

In June 2016, Kim & Jen hosted a #GlobalSpeedChat session at TEDSummit in Banff, Canada with 40 participants from around the world. Attendees took part in 10 activities while chatting about global topics--breaking down barriers and finding commonalities with one-another. It is our hope that the #GlobalSpeedChat activities above will help kids around the world realize that they have a lot in common with others who live across the globe!

#GlobalSpeedChat at TEDSummit, June 2016 (pictures from Flickr, TEDSummit 2016)
Contact us on Twitter: #GlobalSpeedChat @GlobalSpeedChat @TurtleMomKi (Kim) & @jenhesseltine (Jen)

Just for Inspiration...

Map Your #GlobalSpeedChat Location! (see below)

Help us Map YOUR #GlobalSpeedChat Location! Press on the link below for directions on how to add a marker to our MAP.

Learn more about how you can take action in our world below with the "World's Largest Lesson 2016."

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