Upside Down Painting! (SO HARD TO DO!!!!)

Let's get started!!!!!!

Some paintings are so long to do. Most artists make the video faster.Here is one tutorial that you can do.

Here is one Painting it's not fast but still a painting! :/

Being an famous artist is not easy you know.Some take more than a year....or even a centuries!!

Now this what I call cool he's painting skills are creative!!

This guys are so cool paintings!!!This might even make your mind BLOWN!!!!!!

This one is not painting but it's really cool with sprays!!!Plus this one,I say this one is part cool and part dangerous.So kids DON'T PLAY WITH FIRE!!!!!!!!!!

Not all artistes or artists have the same art. This artist is going to paint a realistic eye.

Cool painting skills for unique painters!!!
Trying my best to do this
Did you know that make up is kid of a paint?!!?!?!?!

Did you know that MAKEUP is kind of painting, cool right!!☺😆👌

This 3D art is so cool!!! ;P ^0^

Really cool artist might shocker you!!!!!

You might not see anything at first but this guy make a twist you didn't expect!!!

Cute dog Painting.SO CUTE i wish i could paint like that!

Kids get ready for painting art hacks!!!!!!

If you Like anime your going to like this!!!

Speed painting in computer!!!!

Whoever like Suicide Squad your ganna like this!!And Five nights at Freddy's!!

My research is how to upside down painting, I picked it because it's pretty much like painting, and I like painting. Being an artist is hard to do because how you want it to be like as well it could be anything! I use a cardboard canvas but I did it any way, I first sketch a simple flower. There were some difficulty sketching and painting the flower. My first research is how do people get the black canvas? I found out by typing on google: How do artist get black canvases? Well the artists buy the black canvas. Next time I'll use the other canvas I have and use glue as like paint then use different glitter to sprinkle it on the glued canvas and a beautiful picture will come up. Scarlett Johansson was an artist that did an painting of an eye fast recording vids.

This is one vid he did in First I did the glitter project failed 'cause did't have the right materials. Tried to do it at home well, it............ WORKED!!!!! It took a lot I mean a lot of glitter for it to work. I was so happy. But how do they know what the artist know the little holes that when they the painting right side up? Well they practice a lot to do it I guess.

Thanks for listen!!!!!!!!!!


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