What was really happening? Crimea selling - is the biggest political adventure of our time. Putin's money soiled leading politicians of Ukraine and some European politicians. Those who helped Poroshenko take interests of the people of Ukraine to Putin. But the secret always becomes clear.


At different times and on different occasions, I was faced with the variety of materials that shed light on what happened around the Maidan. And the same is going on behind the scenes of the war.

I collected this information bit by bit, believing that once these puzzles will be solved.

I, personally, can not entirely agree with opinions and assessments of some authors. I am aware that the information is contradictory. I also see that emotions are going wild. And the facts may shock you. But I am sharing the collected information, without any editing, “as is.” Time will reveal if all the published is true or false. And if there any questions, they should be directed now, not to remain silent. What I know, EVERYTHING SECRET ALWAYS BECOMES EVIDENT.

For there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed, and nothing concealed that will not be known and illuminated (Luke 8:17)

I spread the opinions and testimonies of the eyewitnesses of the events. Published materials are duplicated and stored in a sufficiently large number of people. “Manuscripts do not burn” (c).


Half a year after my publication of the article “The manipulation that is never too late to stop! “ @Krimnevash sent me an interesting comment. I found that it is important enough, to what I call to “complete puzzles.” And, with the permission of the author of commentaries, I published it here, as a post scriptum to the previously written article. I published without any changes or corrections, “as is.”

People see it through. It’s a pity that the “vodintour” (Ed. – “presidential election in one round”) and the Maidan can not be linked at this time. Only because they never organized anything in their lives. Even hiking. The organizer always knows WHAT and HOW much it takes to gather thousands of people, arrange an expensive scene, tents, buses, food, slogans, artists, promote on ALL TV channels and, most importantly, to protect against immediate dispersal by the authorities. There is a need for connections in the power bloc, to be “connected” with the minister, with the SBU, a lot of people’s deputies (and somebody need to bribe them!). In general, the Maidan is billions of hryvnia! Do people have them? No! But the oligarchy has money, oligarchs who organized the Maidan under the dictation of Putin, to overthrow Janek and legitimize the urgent election for another Putin’s doll – PePo (Red.Petro Poroshenko), with all subsequent events.

I also can add something like this: The plot was long before the Maidan, Pu (Ed. Putin) wanted the Crimea, Yanek (Ed. Yanukovich) did not want to give – Yanek loved the Crimea, he built houses there, under Cape Aya. What is worth just the one, the unfinished house!? He prepared hunting grounds, and so much more. Maybe he was afraid to give it away – you never know? The fact is, he did not want.

Next, it was decided to “pour off” Yanukovich. Pu gives instructions to PePo, his long-time friend. The Crimea was a pledge. Lyovochkin, Firtash’s financiers, and personally Putin funded Maidan. The scene, singers, “havchik” (Red. free food), tents, the transport everything was arranged at the highest level. The “hand of authorities” was traced. Nothing would happen without the approval of authorities – as they left the “Independence -” without support, without the stage and tents, without TV advertising on ALL (!! ) channels, without artists and booze. People did not come out – MAIDAN, BUT NOT THE SAME, they said.

Independence-2 was originally planned and directed by authorities on the highest level. Spielberg would envy them! And the people? Yes, people gathered and felt unity. They were truly ready for anything. And they proved it. But the producers took this into account, later, by gathering homeless people. Maidan was discredited and dismissed. According to the scenario, power has passed to Putin’s protege – PePo (Ed. Poroshenko). Poroshenko settled – 54% of his voters against the Crimea; and as an add-on, he received $2 bln from Vova (Ed. Putin).

Next. Initially, Pu/PePo plans included the seizing of the left-bank of Ukraine. But there was a failure; the DOBROBAT (Ed. voluntary battalions) did not give them a chance! For this failure, many of them were executed in Illovaisk and Debaltsevo. But it was too late, blitzkrieg failed. One can use this info, received from many “sources,” a hint that joined puzzles and formed a precise pattern.

Conversation between Azarow and Kuchma

Translation for the screenshot above : (The translation of the transcript of Melnichenko’s audio files) Kuchma on August 30, 2000:

  • Azarov: Well, I’m pitching on Petya, because Petya is young …
  • Kuchma: No, it’s not that simple.
  • Azarov: He is not that simple.
  • Kuchma: Do you know what he was doing?
  • Azarov: What?
  • Kuchma: Institute of International Relations. (Pause).
  • Kuchma: And if you pass this question to Lytvyn, he will tell you that practically every student there was an unofficial KGB agent. The student will sign this consent – and that’s it: Come on, don’t put off!
  • Medvedchuk, by the way, he as an agent, had the monicker name “Sokolovsky.”

There is a publication, in which the assumptions made are discussed in detail and confirmed.

In Ukraine, an oligarchic coup took place, the echoes of which we see now in the Rada (Red.Ukrainian parliament), where no one is hiding behind anybody, and the fraction of Poroshenko and Yatseniuk openly united with the oligarch’s fractions.

Why any of Ukrainian military units the Crimea was stuffed with, did not receive the command from Kiev, and also had no definite instructions how to protect its territory from armed aliens? In this context, it is helpful to recall Lukashenko‘s (Ed. President of Belorussia) words addressed to Turchinov: “If this is your land, then why didn’t you fight for it?”

Journalist Natalia Vlaschenko said that the current heads of the occupation administration of Crimea Sergei Aksenov and Alexander Konstantinov arrived in the Verkhovna Rada on the eve of the peninsula surrender.

She also informs, she managed to get information from an ex-MP, who witnessed the visit of these people to the Verkhovna Rada and also personally spoke with Sergei Aksenov and Alexander Konstantinov on February 24). According to him the surrender of Crimea is the result of the agreement between Sergei Aksenov, Alexander Konstantinov and people of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. Natalia Vlaschenko says that all of them met in 2014 on the eve of these events in the Verkhovna Rada.

Links to the related topics:

“Modest” House of Chairman of the Central Election Commission Okhendovsky M.V.


You know, I would not care at all these Armenian-Georgian fights in the Committee, if not one “but.”

Avakov was one of the leaders of the “ATO” in the first phase. It is he who is responsible for the surrender of Donetsk, and Luhansk too. It’s him, who gave the police orders not to interfere with the separatist Sabbat. And not giving orders to the National Guard to disperse rioters with bits.

In Donetsk, until July 2014, there were several parts BB – fully armed and manned. Who prevented from sending them to sweep the city when it was still possible?

Arsen’s actions can be explained either by treachery or incompetence phenomenal. In the first case, he should be confined. In the second, as the honest officers often do – shoot himself.

He’s still alive, free, in office, and even pretends to be an offended innocence, instead of having to kneel down and apologize for his inactivity to the 9 thousand dead Ukrainian citizens and the seven million residents of Donbass, which “pan” Minister gave up at the mercy of the enemy.

Stunning cynicism.

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov and Oleg Tsarev, one of the future separatist leaders, are posing against the backdrop of the Maidan.

One of Poroshenko's friends, Sergei Tigipko, persuaded the SBU in Lugansk: "Hold on, guys! In 2 months - we are in Russia! "


Freudian slip by Gerashchenko (Avakov’s adviser): “Putin has suggested (to President) Surcharge $50-80 bln for the referendum on the takeover of the Crimea by Russians.”


In Gostomel (Ed. Kiev region) there were two military transport planes “IL-76” from the Russian Federation, two more are allowed landing. People’s Deputy Yuri Sirotyuk (Svoboda party) passed this information at the briefing with the correspondent of MFN.

“It is precisely known, and it can be verified, that there in Gostomel are two Russian military transport aircraft IL-76.”

At the same time, he noted, it is not known who arrived on this plane and what it was carrying.

There is also permission to land two more Russian military aircraft IL-76, either in Boryspil or Gostomel, the People’s Deputy said.

During the bloody assault on the Maidan with a police officer foiled chevron Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.
Here are signs with the names of Russian cities. The picture was taken during the events on the Maidan, the street Grushevka the territory occupied by the internal troops and Berkut. Archive @ChernyKvadrat

The video below is from a mobile phone card of Russian Career officer, which was killed in the Donbass. The date is 19.02.2014. The shooting location – Maydan.


Gennadij Romanenko, an assistant of Nasirov, hooded the Kherson refinery. Later he headed the tax police, and Kherson refineries, laundering a lot of “dough” for Kaletnik KPU and the elections. When Gena was already the head of the Kyiv customs, it was he who formalized the grenades and GRU MOU (Chief Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine) in Gostomel during Maidan. And when they shot at people, Gena Romanenko personally escorted the goods of Yanyka (Ed. Yanukovich) to Juliany airport and now he is the assistant head of the SFS (Ed. State Fiscal Service of Ukraine). And last but not least – the chief cashier. The funny thing is that at the same time he is serving in the border troops of the ATO.


Concerning Sergei Nigoyan and Mikhail Zhiznevsky – their deaths were not accidental. It’s not accidental that it was about them that a rich video material was filmed by TV men. About their life on the Maidan, about how they read poetry, what they think. In advance, they shot a whole memorial film. And it’s not for nothing that FSB-scriptwriters chose specifically non-ethnic Ukrainians as the victims. But the investigation of these crimes is impossible under the current authorities.

Was it a coincidence that before the murder of Sergei Nigoyan, a lengthy story about him was filmed in advance?

Was it a coincidence that before the murder of Sergei Nigoyan, a lengthy story about him was filmed in advance? Following the killing of Sergei Nigoyan, TV channels repeatedly showed an in advance made a movie about him. After the murder of Mikhail Zhiznevsky, the same scenario was used. And again the pre-filmed story was shown on TV.

Together with them, the sniper killed one or several police officers who opposed the Maidan. This provoked rumor about so-called “third force” taking part in confrontations on the Maidan.

Who is behind the execution of Heavenly Hundreds? Why did you really need bloodshed?


“On March 18, 2014, at the age of 37, heroically died an Ensign Sergey Viktorovich Kokurin, Russian by nationality. At the time of the assault, he was in the line of duty at the observation tower of the 13th Photogrammetric Center of the Central management of military topographic and navigation of the Main Directorate of operational support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Simferopol.

Sergei Viktorovich Kokurin survived by a wife and son. The Ensign was shot two months before his second child was born.

According to the Defense Ministry, “Sergei was shot in the heart, but Captain Fedun receive wound in the neck and arm.”

That same day, the Crimean police also said that the dead are two men, and one of them is the local self-defense fighter. According to preliminary information from the police, they were shot from the same spot, but in two different directions: a sniper fired from the window of an unfinished building located near the Center. First, the gunman allegedly shot toward the Ukrainian military unit, and then – on the soldier of self-defense.

On the same day, press officer of the Simferopol police department Oksana Sorokopudova said to the correspondent of “Today,” (Ed. an online newspaper) that no one was detained on suspicion of murder as of yesterday.

The day after the murder, a paper article appeared:

Screenshot of the publications from 19.03.2014

Detained a sniper who shot to death two people in Simferopol

What is remarkable, is the originally published article quoting Sergei Aksenov, who stated :

  • people were killed by (ONE) sniper;
  • the shooter, allegedly, was later detained;
  • the sniper, reportedly, has been “arrested” and as it turned out, he was a sniper from the “Right Sector.”

And besides, to this publication (on 19 March 2014) was the photo attached, which definitely shows not one, but TWO snipers. A reference to the “Right Sector”. And the reference to “The Right Sector” does not raise doubts about the authorship of the publication.

In the picture, there are two snipers, both with weapons.

The authenticity of the picture is beyond doubt. The building in the picture is actually taken in Simferopol, in the Kubanskaya Street (coordinates 44.977297, 34.143336) near the military unit in / h A-3674 “13th Photogrammetric Information Center of Armed Forces of Ukraine”. The official address of the army unit of Victory Avenue / Peremohy 213. (Thanks to nvr_cry_wolf for helping to clarify the coordinates).

The building on Kubanskaya Street, on the roof of which snipers were photographed.
The territory of A / h A-3674 and the point from which the photo of the snipers was made.

This same publication contains a careless phrase: "The Interior Ministry does not exclude that this provocation was planned, with the aim of causing nervousness and complicate the situation on the same day when an agreement was signed on the reunification of the Crimea with Russia." Ie, it said in a plain text, that the logic of the action of some “third force” is the same as it was on the Maidan.

Subsequently, the occupation authorities failed to produce the “caught” sniper. Also, the fact that there is no “Right Sector” active in the Crimea was also hard to deny. The publication began to litter The Internet that as if Sergei Kokurin was killed by shots from the AK from the bottom of the tower. On the question of where the shells were found so called, “prosecutor” of the occupation authorities Natalia Poklonskaya ultimately refused to answer, referring to the “secret of the investigation.” The fact of the presence of snipers in this story is categorically denied. The case is falsified.

It is not difficult to understand the logic of the actions of the occupation authorities. They are afraid to reveal their owners. Admitting that a sniper killed the fighter of so called “Self-defense of the Crimea” would be identical to recognition, that for their masters “self-defense of the Crimea” was just a dispensable material, which they don’t hesitate to sacrifice for solving immediate tactical objectives. Why do the followers of the “Russian world” in the Crimea should know what they do not need to know?

To understand why Ensign Kokurin and Captain Fedun were on the tower, one should remember, that under circumstances of the start of aggression, and the absence of any commands from the leadership of Ukraine, the personnel was discouraged.

The testimony of @ Krimnevash: "Then they killed not only them, but patriots also were packed together (Ed. detained) … Where are they now?

"I did not hear that someone would let go.We waited for a big war and were surprised. Then everyone knew everything, and nobody protruded. … There are likely simple preventive measures were taken. I was driving to high mountains to meet the battalion commander I am familiar with, and he is sitting with the armed “katsapsky” (Ed. Russian) commander and drinking booze. Our people in sadness passing by, many from the mainland with their wives and children. All of them left … And a sucker combat is serving to katsap. And what is it to him? He was there in command at the sovok time (Ed. USSR time)."

In this situation, to go to the post on the tower was an apparent gesture of resistance. Especially to be on the tower during the siege – is a big risk. And for the sniper, this act was, apparently, seen as an explicit expression of willingness to resist. Russians “… were ready to shoot“. And they shot.


Below we are publishing another comment that has been received from @Krimnevash.

Another interesting topic- puzzle: The BP includes all those who have helped peacefully to sell the Crimea, while Pepo made of them “heroes.” Colonel Mamchur. Organized the surrender of the military unit as complete and preserved, elegantly playing the “defense.” He arranged the scene in advance so that the Russian BTR could easily bypass decorations. The gasoline trucks were blocking the gates so, that they will not interfere with their detour; even the gates were not closed. Well, honestly, why Russian owners have to break the lock? On the territory in a circle, who knows why a UAZ (Ed.vehicle) “buhanka” run around furiously. It was a clear show-off! One does not need to be an expert to draw such a conclusion.

Chubarov. The Crimean Tatar’s “Hero” and “Leader” (Tatars, it’s true, pronouncing this word with the letter “P” instead of “L,” or maybe they don’t speak Russian well? :))) Let’s get over with it. Precisely on the eve of the Crimea’s seizure, Crimean Tatars, roughly 5 thousand people, some with weapons, went to BP (Ed. Supreme Council of Crimea) with the intention of standing up to the end, to prevent the invasion of Russians and separatism. But then Chubarov rushed urgently and, praising the “heroic Crimean Tatar people,” ordered them … to go home at once. IMMEDIATELY!

The next day the Crimean VR was captured by a handful of Russian saboteurs. The elite units of the APU (Armed Forces), MIA (Interior Ministry) got an order from Kiev: "Keep calm, put weapons in storage and do not attempt any resistance." And then the conclusion suggests itself: IT’S NOT DEFENSE; IT’S NOT SURRENDER, IT IS SALE!

Here is the video of Belbek “capture,” and his “courageous and technically competent defense” organized by MAMCHUR, the “Hero of Ukraine.”

The video shows how the Russian’s BTR neatly, theatrically, will avoid the petrol tanker roadblocks. And it was done. If THIS is called “DEFENSE,” then I’m not surprised why patriots were set up in Illovaysk, Debaltsevo and so on. Any cadet from military school will tell you that the gasoline tank trucks had to be put right in front of the gate, both across, and not as in the video. One gas-tank is 30 meters from the gate, letting BTR go around. And the second, also outside the gate, is lengthways so that it could be easily pushed by the BTR and free the way. It was a DEAL, the sale of a unit and not a DEFENSE!

The video differs from the original; it is hugely cropped. The first one could see how the Ukrainian soldier runs up to the gate, removes the lock from the hinges to keep the gate harmless for new owners. It was later erased. But even so, everything is perfectly obvious.

Everything that happened then in the Crimea, as in a nightmare. Treasonable orders from Kiev, high commanders, in front of the shocked officers boozing with Russians on the territory of the Ukrainian units, the criminal submission of arms. In many units from the very first days of this mess, Russian invaders fraternized with the commanders of the Ukrainian units. I was clear to everybody – Crimea is SOLD, and it has no sense to rummage, or you will be crushed. It became crystal clear – Crimeans were sold like slaves, together with the Crimea.

Later, when Dictator PePo began to reign on the graciously given to him by Putin Throne of Ukrainian King, at the request of his Master, he began violently alienate Crimean people from Ukraine. “Minstets” (Ed. Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine with Yurii Stets as the Minister) developed a zombie program, use the keyword “Kryschane,” “traitors,” “Crimean Cotton.”

The Ukrainian side unilaterally interrupted railway passenger traffic between Crimea and the mainland. Then everyone was surprised. But later everything became obvious – sold to another landlord, Crimeans had to break old ties with Ukraine and establish new relations with Muscovy. So “stubborn” !… The artificially created enormous chains on “administrative” border between Russian and Ukrainian block-posts were as long as 4 km (Chongar block-post). People with children and things in a fierce cold (around were salt lakes, the penetrating wind) were dragging suitcases and belongings. The scene was saddening. Why be so scoffed at their own people? After all, to escape from Crimea to Ukraine wanted only those, who were fond of Ukraine! The “Cotton” (pro-Russians), even with a whip, could be forced to leave for Ukraine – they were heading to Rostov-on-Don. Why?

The answer is obvious: Crimea was sold and sold together with Crimeans, now they became useless and not desirable for Ukraine – they can tell the truth, and “Minstets” lied and tried.

From an interview with Aleksey Nikiforov, Major, Special Force Operations, to “Left Bank” (Ed. online newspaper) and in February 2014 was the Deputy Commander of the 501st separate battalion of marines.

“All the commanders were told, that of any slight movement towards Russia, the WWIII could begin. And each of them was afraid of this. Even Kuzmuk, the former Minister of Defense, came to Perevalnoye ( Ed. village in Simferopolsky district of Crimea). He summoned the commanders of all the blocked units and from the rostrum spoke to them: “Be careful here, the WWI started from one shot in Sarajevo,” says the military."

“What should the unit commanders do after that? When is it told you by the representative of the National Security and Defense Council? “


Comment from @Krimnevash.

I have a friend from the RS(Ed. Right Sector), he was a resident of Sevastopol. So, in 2014, just before the seizure of Crimea, the RS announced the creation of the Crimean Branch. Proposed to join. As far as I know, all those who joined them after Crimea occupation were either immediately arrested or placed on the wanted list. Among them, and my acquaintance. He managed to escape, has been put on the wanted list and is now hiding from everyone, including those “brothers” who notified occupants about him, and who betrayed patriots in Crimea.

Before the occupation of the Crimea, he contacted the RS and asked about the situation. The answer was “We will not fight for the Crimea, let the Crimeans fight themselves.” It is interesting, isn’t it? It is! Was the order from Kiev “not to resist and quietly dispatch everything to the Russians” was given not only to the military units in Crimea but passed to all patriotic (or pseudo-patriotic) organizations?

It was! The Crimea was sold, and Donbass turned into a meat grinder for patriots and “gold digging” opportunity on the drug and arms trade, and so on. Slaughtering is another argument, a puzzle, which supports the fact that Crimea was sold. Donbass was a fantastic decision of the authorities! There is no need to create a Gulag, which also requires costs. Donbass is the solution for the problems with patriots. Plus, someone can make a lot of money on this! BRILLIANTLY!

Puzzle No. 10: “Hypothesis”.

Comment from @Krimnevash.

It was Putin who set PePo on the Throne; and the Crimea, for which Pu made PePo an additional payment of $ 2 billion, became the pledge of their agreement. The conditions of this agreement were clearly stipulated, i.e. the surrender of the left-bank Ukraine up to Transnistria. Everyone in our Crimean social circuit of that time knew about it. This social circuit consisted of famous people. I was almost a nowhere man compared to them.

Things went wrong because of the volunteer battalions - PePo could do nothing at that time as immediately after the Maidan he could not openly stand in the way of defense of our country because it could end badly for him. But he managed to take revenge on the patriots for his own fear, i.e. the traps were organized together with Pu.

Thus, the presumptive scheme is as follows:

  • 1) Pu’s plan for the liquidation of Ukraine
  • 2) Collusion with PePo and Co on the sale of the Crimea and the displacement of Yanek for this, the accession of PePo to the throne.
  • 3) Sale of the Crimea.
  • 4) Beginning of “Novorossiya” operation in cooperation with PePo.
  • 5) Methodical and mass killing of patriots in traps.
  • 6) Discrediting of Ukraine in the eyes of the EU by total corruption and sabotaging of reforms.
  • 7) Massive information attack in the West.
  • 8) Total economic erosion of the Ukrainian economy from within (Hontareva, tariffs, banks, prices, taxes, and etc.).

Could it all happen without PePo’s will?? Never!

Result: The sanctions imposed on Russia are likely to be removed in the near future (NG), the Association with the EU IS CANCELED - (the Netherlands’ decisions were bought and paid for). The visa-free regime is finally postponed. Due to corruption and the collapse of democracy, Western assistance is likely to be stopped. Even Canada refused to grant visa-free access to us. Well, as a result, nothing remained for Ukraine but to return to the arms of “Big Brother” like a kicked dog, rejected by everyone. The Crimea and the Donbass are no more Ukrainian ones, tens of thousands of patriots are buried, the economy is totally destroyed, the enterprises are already bought up by Russian men, the hryvnia is unprecedentedly dropped. Something like that, anyway.

Andrei Kuzmenko (Kuzma Scriabin) organized a car accident for these words in an interview:

After the surrender of the Crimea the surrender of the Crimeans began. Certificate of Andrei Senchenko.


Comment from @Anonymous: “Putin also planted PePo because supplies to Transnistria via Ukraine were established by the “Confectioner” (another nickname for Petro Poroshenko – Ed. ) when he was the head of the RNBO during Yuscha (Nickname for the former president of Ukraine Yushchenko – Ed.) presidency.”

@Anonymous: “Only bablo (Slang for dough -Ed.), Petro has no interest in anything else anything anymore.” He was paid $15 million dollars by his friend, the premiere of Moldova, for an extradition of the refugee.”


As the head of the SSU (Security Service of Ukraine) anti-terrorist center was appointed Vitaly Malikov, an outspoken separatist who helped to surrender the Crimea.

V.Malikov advocated the separation of Crimea from Ukraine.

Vitaly Vladimirovich Malikov is a major general of the militia, ex-deputy of the Sevastopol City Council from the Party of Regions, head of the Sevastopol Department of Internal Affairs, and since 2015 head of the Anti-Terrorist Center under the Security Service.

At a regular session of the city council on February 26, 2014, a discussion was held on the allocation of additional funds for the creation of “voluntary people’s squads for the protection of public order.” At this session, Vitaly Malikov actively defended the idea of the self-proclaimed mayor of Sevastopol, Alexei Chaly, to create people’s squads and install checkpoints.

According to Malikov’s idea, the people’s squads were to become the main force of “anti-Maidan” and “Russian spring” in the territory of the Crimea.

“We appeal to the residents of the city with the request to create people’s squads. It is impossible to allow specially trained and armed fighters of the “Right Sector,” other pro-fascist and extremist organizations to penetrate our city and dictate their terms, “Malikov said in his address to Sevastopol.

Malikov actively supported and facilitated the organization of separatist rallies in Simferopol, and zealously opposed the desire of the Ukrainian authorities to introduce a state of emergency in the country. The conclusion suggests itself – because of such, as Malikov “green men” Putin successfully captured the Crimea.

Separate attention deserves family ties Vitaly Malikov. It’s no secret that Malikov is related to the ex-Interior Minister Nikolai Bilokon’ who fled to Russia after the Orange Revolution. His escape from Krimea confirmed by many sources and well-known individuals such as Gennady Moskal, Tatiana Montian, lawyer and public figure, and others. At the same time, in addition to kinship with Nikolai Bilokon’s family, Vitaly Malikov is also attributed to the bearers of equally famous names – Viktor Medvedchuk and Vladimir Satsyuk. They say that there is a shared business between the families of former Ukrainian high-ranking officials.

It was the father-in-law of N. Bilokon’ who helped Malikov to become the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Sevastopol in the time of Kuchma. After the flight, he continues to keep joint business with the son-in-law in the territory of the Russian Federation and the occupied Crimea.


Another remarkable fact. Lieutenant Colonel of Special Forces Security Service of Ukraine “Alpha” Andrei Dubovik accused the SBU Retired Major-General Konstantin Siryk to be an agent of the Federal Security Service of Russia, and also in the organization of shootings on the Maidan.

In the presidential elections, Konstantin Siryk was regularly seen at the election headquarters of Poroshenko. It looks like the FSB has big plans for this general” – said Andrey Dubovik. During the reign of Yanukovych, Siryk conducted a rotation of the leading staff of the TSSA, replacing them with officers who in one way or another had the connection with the FSB of Russia.

One of the organizers of the execution of Heavenly Hundreds, FSB officer Konstantin Syrik was in charge of Poroshenko’s election headquarters.


In 2001, the Constitutional Court ruled that the law on ratification voted by the Verkhovna Rada did not comply with the Basic Law. January 20 marks 16 years (!) Since the ratification by Ukraine of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC). Moreover, at the end of 2015, President Poroshenko submitted a bill proposing postponing ratification for another three years! Thus, the International Criminal Tribunal of the Russian Federation does not threaten until 2020. If Ukraine dared to ratify the Rome Statute, then the punishment by the representative of the aggressor country would become inevitable.

Without the ratification by the Parliament of the Rome Statute and the introduction of relevant amendments to the Constitution, it is impossible to apply to the International Criminal Court in The Hague, in whose jurisdiction the investigation of international crimes is located. Its competence includes prosecuting and bringing to justice those who committed the most serious violations of international criminal law, international humanitarian law and human rights, namely genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and, in the future, crimes of aggression.

The ratification is also an obligation of our state in the framework of the Association Agreement with the European Union. If Ukraine ratifies the Rome Statute, then our state will enter the “club” of countries that respect international law and have serious intentions to overcome impunity for grave international crimes on a global scale. Joining the jurisdiction will stimulate the work of the law enforcement and judicial systems of Ukraine. The ICC is a complementary (or additional) mechanism.

This means that the ICC can start production only if the national law enforcement system does not have the opportunity or the desire to investigate independently serious crimes. Victims will get more chances for a fair resolution of their cases, for compensation, for the truth.

If the situation in the east of Ukraine, namely war crimes, starts to be considered by the ICC, then we will all have a chance to get an entirely objective decision about who should be responsible for war crimes. Including the shooting of the Maidan. Today it is important for Ukraine to document and record all the facts of human rights violations, especially war crimes. It is equally necessary to carry out investigations into these crimes, find the perpetrators, those who gave orders or made decisions may have been inactive and thus allowed these crimes to occur.

Persons committing crimes may not be available for Ukrainian justice, depending on their citizenship, belonging and the state in which they will be located. The International Criminal Court, if it has jurisdiction over these cases, and if these crimes are acceptable from the perspective of the ICC, may organize the prosecution of these individuals.

Ratification of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court will open the way for bringing to justice not only V. Yanukovich, V. Pshonka and V. Zakharchenko, but also other persons, including citizens of the Russian Federation, who have committed or are giving orders for the commission of the most serious mass crimes in Ukraine, which has neither territorial nor time limits.

The verdict is “guilty” of the International Criminal Court – it’s an international license to hunt every war criminal, regardless of the post he holds – even if it’s Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The longer the process of ratification drags on, the more the answer arises that it is possible that officials (and the court’s activities are aimed specifically at prosecuting those most responsible for serious crimes) have something to fear. And we do not need to deny – the only ratification will be the best proof that such our arguments are groundless.

Probably, the unwillingness of the Ukrainian authorities to sign the Rome Statute has an entirely different reason. This reason – the presence of certain nonverbal, verbal agreements between Peter Poroshenko and Vladimir Putin. Many which are the removal of the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine “beyond the brackets“:

  • - business interests of the first persons of the two states and their entourage;
  • - business interests of large companies in general;
  • - “nonaggression” of the first persons of the two belligerent states against each other.

It is very similar to the fact that it was precisely because of these agreements that the Crimean business of Ukrainian and Russian oligarchs (minus the incompatible Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov with the Kremlin) received a strong cover in the form of a separate law on the Crimean FEZ. But ordinary citizens under the same law were deprived of the opportunity to sell their property quickly and for a real price to leave the occupied peninsula, which made many “serfs of Putin” against their will.

The existence of behind-the-scenes arrangements between Poroshenko and Putin is evidenced by the facts. Russia does not touch the multi-profile business of Petro Poroshenko in Russia and the Crimea. And this is against the background of the destruction to the activity of the Privat group wherever possible.

At the same time, Ukraine has not experienced the oppression of the vast business of the entire Kremlin top – people who are responsible for thousands of Ukrainians perishing. People from the inner circle of Putin’s killer continue to earn billions in Ukraine and Ukrainians. Killing in our country our fellow citizens, who are no worse than Petro Poroshenko or Yuriy Lutsenko. But, unlike them, they do not have the opportunity to avoid shelling, bombing, killing, and robbery, repaired by the invaders.

And precisely because this power does not need Ukraine to sign the Rome Statute – let everything be as it is in Russia. As before, this same government delayed Ukraine’s application of the commercial part of the Association Agreement – as Putin wanted. That is why the “new government” wants to abolish the entry into force of the new European Criminal Code – to do the same with the help of the prosecutor’s office, as did Yanukovych and his criminal beast, who successfully dealt with Poroshenko and Co.

And with the same result – to go unpunished.

Links to the topic.


“The decision of the Shevchenkivskyi district court of Kyiv on May 12, 2016, denied the application of Baturin Stanislav Vitalievich to establish a fact of legal significance. Namely, the fact of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. Since this fact does not in itself affect the rights of the applicant and is well-known “, it was informed.

The Kiev Appeal Court dismissed the statement of Ukrainian lawyer Stanislav Baturin, in which he demanded to recognize the fact of “armed aggression of the Russian Federation” against Ukraine.

On September 6, 2016, a final session took place on the court case on the establishment of the fact of armed aggression of the Russian Federation in the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. The court refused to satisfy Stanislav Baturin’s statement about establishing the fact of Russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine, having rejected eight petitions of the applicant.


Ukraine transferred to the occupied territory 34 billion UAH. Such a data on the air of “Radio Liberty” was told by Roman Bezsmertny, representative of Ukraine in the subgroup on political issues of the three-party contact group at the Minsk talks.

500 billion – the country’s budget, 34 of which went who knows where, into the “hole.” At the end, where was this money? They were in any form: goods, weapons, industrial products, food, but in Russia! Here is the answer to who we have funded. On the one hand, they shoot at us, and on the other – we “throw” there there resources there.

By the decision in April, Volodymyr Groysman ordered to redirect budget funds for migrants from Crimea to the occupation administration. The relevant document No. 303 of April 20 has already come into force.

According to the document, the budget funds provided for migrants from the Crimea will be transferred to the occupied peninsula for “providing financial support to LLC” Television Company “Atlant-SV” (budget funds receiver) for a television channel with the logo “ATR T “for payment of satellite services. And the part of the arrears for such services that was created since February 2014, television equipment rental and purchase, rental of premises, payment for services for the use and acquisition of copyright objects. “

Since when did the occupation authorities carry out Cabinet resolutions?!

The Minister for Temporary Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons, Vadim Chernysh , confirmed that Ukraine has supplied coal, which is located in territories occupied by terrorists. More precisely, this activity is carried out by enterprises that are officially registered on the lands under the control of official Kiev.

I emphasize that there are hundreds of thousands of people working there either tied up and pay taxes one way or another and businesses that pay military charges to Ukraine, “- emphasized Vadim Chernysh.

Quote: "The 16th bat stopped a wagon that carried sugar without documents to the occupied territory. In bags of sugar, 48 million hryvnas was moved !!! There is a showdown with 16 battalions immediately arrived at the SBU (colonels), demanded a furrow let go. The soldiers of the SBU laid their muzzles on the ground and called the department of internal investigations. It didnt help Representatives of the department received a call from the very top and orders to release both the wagon and the SBU agents. And this is only one of dozens of stories I know."


“Despite the fact that the changes to the Constitution have so far been postponed, the course for decentralization remains unchanged, and its blocking threatens to aggravate the conflict in the Donbass,” - says Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

“The failure to adopt such changes can resume with renewed force the conflict with Russia and make it full-scale, and not local,” - he said, speaking at a meeting of the Association of Ukrainian Cities in Kiev.

He stated that the refusal to amend the FUNDAMENTAL LAW could “return Ukraine to an open armed confrontation with offensive operations, ensure the escalation of the conflict and give rise to accusing Ukraine of this.”

Another reason why “katsaps” need federalization of Ukraine and the introduction of changes in the Constitution. Below video, direct text:

Russia seeks to implement the scenario of imposing on Kiev the idea of federalization of the country, which would allow the occupied east of Ukraine to have actual independence.

According to Kurt Volcker (an authoritative American expert on foreign policy issues), "The agreement signed in Minsk in February should be called not a peace accord, but an agreement on the division of Ukraine, which was imposed on Kiev by Germany, Russia, and France. Now, compliance with this section of the country is monitored by the international community through the OSCE. The Minsk agreements are not a solution, but a problem, because in fact, they give legitimacy to the Russian invasion of Ukraine."

Recall that the Constitution of Ukraine prohibits to introduce any changes into it in the conditions of martial law, not looking at their feasibility and validity. The introduction of changes to the Constitution in conditions of martial law is an act of collaboration and a testament to the actual surrender of Ukraine as a sovereign power of the People of Ukraine.

Links to the topic.


The President of Ukraine personally promised citizenship to foreign volunteers. In an official setting, in the parliament. Expressed very clearly. The whole Verkhovna Rada give him standing up ovations on December 2, 2014.

Of all the foreign volunteers, and there are about a thousand of them, only two got Ukrainian passports. The rest are in limbo.

We are talking about foreigners who came to help at the most terrible moment, at the very beginning of the war. For this assistance, 15 years of prison are waiting for them in their homeland. Criminal cases are opened. The President of Ukraine didn’t give them citizenship, although only he can do it in an accelerated method. The migration service threatens them with deportation and openly mocks, demanding, for example, a certificate of non-conviction from Belarus.

That is, people escaped to Poland, not from a good life. Not because they want to settle in a European country. Their flight is a forced measure. Two years of fruitless attempts did not lead to anything. Besides, the volunteers submitted documents to the migration service, and after a while, from Russia and Belarus, they received emails with threats, in which there were photocopies of these papers which means, they governments know about volunteers whereabouts.

Earlier, while still fighting in the war, all their data was transferred to the Russian occupants by Nazgvardia, along with the data of other volunteers – now they information can be found on the Russian websites. The files include photos the only police could have – and nobody else. It turns out, Ukraine, instead of gratitude, repeatedly betrayed them. Openly, boldly, with mockery.


President Petro Poroshenko does not support the idea of imposing an economic blockade of the Crimea, Ukrinform reports referring to the statement of the head of Mejelis Refat Chubarov.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko expressed his hope that shortly it will be possible to restore emergency electricity supplies to the Crimea.

I appealed to the government to ensure a regime of urgency in the energy sector due to fan outages in Ukraine, due to the critical situation in the coal supply industry. The government fully supported this position, and I think that emergency supplies on one thread will be restored shortly, he said.

Recently, the confrontation between public activists and the occupation authorities of the Crimea has significantly worsened. Some criminal cases were initiated against the initiators of the trade blockade of the Crimea.

“Public blockade of Crimea” hopes that the petition will push the authorities to power blockade of the peninsula.

I understand that the authorities do not have enough will, and the president’s apparatus also lacks the will to do it, Lenur Islyamov said.

Crimean Tatars are preparing to picket the administration of Poroshenko. They protest against the actions of law enforcement officers at the site of the power line poles collapse, in the Chaplynka of the Kherson region, where the special army forces surrounded about a hundred activists trying to prevent the repair of the of damaged supports

People’s deputy of Ukraine, chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people, Refat Chubarov, said that as a result of a civil action on the blockade of Russia captured by Crimea, Ukrainian oligarchs lose their income.

Before the beginning of the blockade in trade between Ukraine and the occupied Crimea, there were no taxes, everything went into the pockets of the oligarchs.

From the commentary of the commander of the operational headquarters of the PS of the operation on the blockade of Crimea friend of “Croatia”: “… we interfere with the intra-occupation regime led by Poroshenko, which no one has canceled. Remember Mukachevo, remember our guys, remember the fight!”

Report from 09/22/2015 below:


09.21.2016 An agreement on the withdrawal of troops from three sectors of the Donbass was signed in Minsk. But, as you know, the devil is in details.

The document says that “… units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and armed structures of particular regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine …” are the subject to retreat. This statement is certainly a dangerous concession by Kiev; it can be interpreted as an acknowledging that Russia does not participate in the armed conflict.

Furthermore, Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky, who signed the agreement, appear in it as “representatives of some parts of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine.” Previously, Kiev refused to accept these people and their subordinates as representatives of Ukrainian regions. The TTripartite Contact Group advised discussion on constitutional amendments about the status of “separate areas” and the corresponding law with legitimate authority. It means, with authority formed as result of the local elections, and not with some illegitimate DNR and LNR. There is no mention of those illegal republics in documents.

These “concessions” are made, most likely, under pressure from Berlin and Paris.

Also, the recent resolution ratified by the Minsk talks on the withdrawal of troops in three sections on the contact line (if it happens), explicitly pursue another goal: to occupy the new territories of Ukraine by Russians. With the creation of at least two new “boilers” for the volunteers and the AFU (The Armed Forces of Ukraine ). Remember the words of Otto von Bismarck: “The agreement signed by Russia, is not worth the paper on which it’s written.”

PUZZLE N20 “Russian Plans for Annexation of Crimea were known in Advance”

14.12.2013 Yuri Sirotyuk, Deputy of Verkhovna Rada from the “Freedom” party, a member of the Parliamentary Committee for National Security and Defense Committee, had a briefing in the headquarters of the opposition on the Maidan.

He informed that in Simferopol, at the consulate of the Russian Federation Russian diplomats held a meeting. At the meeting also were present the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of PR ( The Party of the regions – Ed.), as well as the leader of the “Russian block” Gennady Basov and representatives of the party “Russian Unity.”

“Today in Crimea an anti-maidan will try to conduct yourself, a key requirement which will hold a referendum on the state independence of the Crimea.”

December 27. Russia’s Black Sea fleet is going to hold anti-terrorist exercises in the Crimea. It is dangerous for Ukraine because now all the security forces pulled back to Kiev, leaving the peninsula with minimum security.

Now in Crimea, practically, no Ukrainian military and internal security forces, who can resist the Russian paratroopers in Sevastopol.

Yuri Sirotyuk also said that Viktor Yanukovych at the upcoming meeting with Vladimir Putin might sign an agreement that would allow Russia to upgrade your equipment and ships Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol, up to the introduction of nuclear weapons into the territory of the Crimea.

The plan will be put into action if Yanukovych loses control of Kiev and its majority in parliament.

Screen of the article published on 12.14.2013.

Crimea, with the support of Russia, want’s to declare independence

It is noteworthy that under that same article one can find the following comments:

“The plan is scripted and executed by Putin’s “kum” Medvedchuk, who is now preparing terrifying provocations – to clash cops and gangsters concealed among demonstrators.”

“They are trying to use Regionals as “dark horses,” who are, by no means, occupiers.”

“The Maidans in Kiev, as well in Zaporozhye never required publishing of a contract. But now it is ordered to sign it “in the dark,” without reading it. Trio Maidan leaders Klitschko, Yatsenyuk, and Tyahnybok – their speaches never require publication. Why? And why do not publish? We which it surely is. Is there something to hide from people?”

I.e., plan for the occupation of the Crimea was known in advance, as well as the referendum prepared by Medvedchuk. And the SBU also knew. But, on the part of the Ukrainian authorities, there were no actions that could at least somehow interfere with the occupation at all! The simplest explanation is almost always the most accurate! They were negotiating the deal.

General Nikolai Grigorievich Malomuzh in November 2014 gave full testimony, which two weeks before the invasion of the Crimea informed Nalyvaychenko, Turchinov, and Yatsenyuk, that occupation of Crimea by Russia was being prepared and the exact dates for occupation indicated. He was ready to arrest Aksyonov and take to Kiev to suppress the invasion, but they refused to do so.

And the second point – Turchynov, acting. President, Prime Minister Yatseniuk and the head of the Security Service of Ukraine Nalyvaychenko did not introduce martial law in the face of the threat, as it required by the Constitution (not mentioning about occupation). Those actions/lack of measures is the treason to the state of all three (Nalyvaychenko, Turchynov, Yatsenyuk).


We are faced with a picture of the largest political shady enterprise of our century, which smeared the ruling political elite of Ukraine and some European politicians with Putin’s money. As a result of this transaction, more than 10,000 Ukrainians have already died. The children were left without parents. Parents have lost their children. People are murdered in the Crimea, in Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

Why Putin brought Poroshenko to power? What’s his interest?
  • - Why Putin sent Russian troops to Maidan? Why would part of Russian troops be dressed in the form of Ukrainian police? For what was shot “Heavenly Hundred”? Why on the Maidan more than 600 dead and missing?
  • Answer: - To bring Poroshenko to power.
  • - Why did Putin need to bring Poroshenko to power? What’s his interest?
  • Answer: - The sale of Crimea and transfer the east and south of Ukraine to Russia.
The work of the new manager of the "Ukraine project" is satisfied.

A group of political opportunists, headed by Poroshenko, arranged the surrender of Crimea to Putin. But they failed. The volunteer battalions prevented it. Then politicians opened the door for the ‘Plan B”: Decentralization of Ukraine, proposed changes to the Constitution of Ukraine on the amendments on decentralization intended, ultimately, to destroy Ukraine as a state. And the adoption of the so-called “amnesty law” aims to:

  • Allow the Russian terrorists to avoid responsibility;
  • Start the persecution of patriots in Ukraine, but at a “legitimate” grounds.

It is for this reason that The Ukrainian government headed by Poroshenko does everything to ensure that the Roman Charter won’t be accepted. Otherwise, they would be responsible for war crimes, including the execution of the Heavenly Hundreds. It is for this reason the controlled by Poroshenko judges don’t recognize the fact of the war of Russia against Ukraine. It is for this reason at the head of the SBU are people who helped Poroshenko and Co. to surrender the Crimea to Putin. It is for this reason that the current government in Kiev financing terrorists. It is super profits.

Minsk talks even from the start had a frankly “strange” format. Initially, the representative of Ukraine was V. Medvedchuk, Putin’s kum. All documents and all the agreements were kept in secret. US Representatives were not allowed among the negotiators.

  • - Do the participants of the Minsk talks knew about the deal, about the reality of what is happening?
  • - Could not, but know
  • - If they knew, why then were silent?
  • - Naive question. If one does not know what it is about, then it’s about money.
If one does not know what it is about, then it’s about money.

Links to topic:

“Odnoturovy.” What were the motives for organizing the killings of Heavenly Hundreds?

Post Scriptum

Evrodeputy from Poland, from the Group of the European People’s Party, Jacek Saryusz-Wolski, for the third anniversary of the Crimea annexation said that Ukraine did not render military resistance to the occupation of the Crimea, for a reason of following the recommendations of the West. "The reluctance to defend against the Russian occupation by military means was not the decision of Ukraine, but it was insistent recommendations by the West. It was the first sign of the Western attitude towards Crimea.”

There is no doubt that the politician of the Jacek Saryusz-Wolski level knows, what about he is talking. But, it would be nice to know, who and to whom specifically those “strong recommendations of the West” were given?

An interesting version Aleksey Arestovich, “Turchynov was told to submit Crimea to Russians.” A version of the venture of the international anti-Ukrainian plot with the participation of politicians from Germany and France confirmed?

After listening to Arestovich’s conclusions, there are many legitimate questions arises:

  • - Who else but Poroshenko could (under the prevailing conditions at the time) give an “order” to Turchinov?
  • - Whose business interests at the time were twisted with the business interests of Petro Poroshenko? Who benefits?

There is no doubt, the so-called “Minsk talks,” which started later, were a part of an overall plan to put the interests of the people in Ukraine to the aggressor – to Russia. Who among the politicians of the West and what benefits (except Russia) received from the realization of this plan? Who else (in addition to Merkel and Hollande) participated in this international venture? What are the dividends from the realization of this venture each of them received?

AUTHOR: @Prizrak_opery

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Dining table in the Nuremberg trial of the accused. Germany, 1945.
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