KT Cosmetics Kelly tovar.

Start-up Materials:

  • 3 MacBook Pro ($1,499.00 each): $4,497.00
  • 3 desks ($329.99 each) : $989.97
  • 3 chairs ($219.99 each): $659.97
  • 2 boxes of black or blue pens ($5.99 each) : $11.98.
  • 2 boxes of wood pencils ($5.99 each) : $11.98
  • 3 cases of computer paper ($56.99 each) : $ 170.97

Financial Information:

I will ask my parents to let me borrow money and I will also use my savings for the start-up costs. I think I would need around $7,000.00 just for the materials I will need for the office.

Employee structure:

At first i would want my mom and my sister to help me to organize and help me with the administration of the money. Eventually I will hire around 3 people that know about make up and that actually seem motivated to do it. I would like the staff to be respectful, educated at least with a high school diploma, I would like them to be efficient, helpful, not shy, do what they are supposed to do, i would also like them to look good when it comes to work, meaning that they must have hygiene and stay clean.


The location of my business would be either Willowbrook mall, Memorial mall or City Centre. Between those options i would go for City Centre since it is a really visited place by families and it's in a good business area,the income for my company would be better than having it in any other mall.

Floor Plan:


I will use 1000 business cards and social media marketing for the company to be known and recognized by the people in the country and in other parts.

Business card:

Future plans:

I think a make up company actually succeeds, of course, depending on what kind of quality the products have, what services the company offers, etc. I actually think that if the company has succeeds it'll probably get to expand and eventually we could create more products, not just make up. And i would really like to have an exporting service, so that, I will be able to have costumers around the world and I'll be able to collaborate with people or even worldwide companies.

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