Supreme Brand swot

Supreme is a street wear/ skateboarding brand that was established in New York City in 1994. The brand brought a diverse culture to the east coast which later spread throughout the rest of the world. Its most distinctive icon is the Red Box Logo containing the word "Supreme" which promotes propaganda art.
Supreme x ANTIHERO 2016 Summer Collection Photo shoot
One main strength for Supreme is its marketing/ products. one word to describe the brand is a simple word called "hype". over the years the brand has created so much popularity with the merchandise that they sell. They also provide very limited high quality pieces that really reflect the cultivated skater street wear vibes.
Celebrities promoting Supreme
One big weakness for supreme brand is the expensive prices for their clothing products. Prices can range from $100-$400 retail price. Also they have low stock quantity of certain products and since they have low stock, resell prices for the products sky rockets sometimes from $600-$800.
increase in online availability has been a big opportunity for supreme and customers. Not only can the customers get the products they want on release day online, but it gives supreme a larger range to where they can market their products. it also can increase income for supreme because they are not just closed to selling their products in the U.S. they can now sell them over seas.
Clothing that was available online
Competition with other brands has been supreme's greatest killer. One big brand they has threatened supreme the most is Bape. Bape has products that are very similar to supreme's simple designed products. They also have all the hype of the people and they can provide some lower prices on their products. Bape also collaborates with more other brands then supreme does which means the can get more marketing and advertising done.
Clothing pieces that are similar

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