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At the beginning I was asked to create an app for both students and landlords to use for finding a space to rent in either Edinburgh or Glasgow. I started by defining some problems that both the student and landlord might face when using existing apps for accommodation, I then created some personas to help further define the users issues.

After defining the user requirements and issues I then began to plan my mind map. I started to think of links or page titles that I wanted to appear on the app to navigate through it. Then I got my friends to arrange them into different layouts and started to tally them up.

I then created a refined final navigation map for my users.

The next step was to create a paper prototype to see how people navigated the app and to see if the layout worked or not. I got a lot of very good constructive feedback in this stage as the app was less of a concept and more of a tangible object t people could see and under stand. After the feedback from the paper prototype I then used my iPad Pro and the Adobe Comp app to create simple screen pages with things like icons, images, text and margin widths.

Once the bones of the app had been created it was all down to the style of it. I went with looking at two different concepts. In Adobe Photoshop I created 2 A3 mood boards for the two concepts and then in Adobe Illustrator I created two style tiles to compliment the mood boards. With the style tiles competed it gave me a clear indication on the two very different concepts I had chosen to look at.

After created the style tiles it was then back into Illustrator to begin stylising the digital frames that I created previously in Adobe Comp. I created three screen for each concept to see what the app would look like and to show to a number of people to get their opinion. I wanted peoples opinions as the app is made for a target audience and not just for myself.

After having peoples opinions I then decided to go with the Dark Concept as it was easier to navigate and it stood out among the rest of the accommodation apps. I then use InVision to help create a working prototype using hyperlinks and an iPhone frame. The requirement was a minimum of 10 screens but I ended up having more than double that number. Having different login pages for the student and landlord was confusing when it came to linking all the pages together. The prototype took me longer than I had anticipated as I thought it would have been very simple but it turned out to be a little more complicated and involved me having to go back to Illustrator a few times to refine some screens.

Overall I'm very happy with the over concept and look of the application and I think if I was to take it further and get it coded and available to download the App Store then it would be a potential hit for students and landlords as it is easy to use, easy to navigate and a very simple design that everyone would feel comfortable using.

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