Duel Royale By john and allen

Hey this is John here! Enjoy this website full of tips, tricks and other stuff on Duel Royale! So lets start!(Scroll for some cards)

These cards are one of the rarest card types in the game! the chances of getting any card this rare is around 0.001%

So there are more card types than just that, here is a slideshow of our card rarites

How it was Made

Ok So lets start with how our game was made. So me and Allen liked a game called Clash Royale back in 2016, so we thought "hey, would it be cool if the cards were playable offline", so BAM! there goes our idea for Duel Royale. We thought this would be a good idea because that at school or after a meal at a no-wifi area, you want to play Clash Royale kinda badly, so we decided to make an actual card game complete with the battlefield and all that stuff! We have 3d Printed Chests too but only if you come to a tournament! So that is about it for how it was made!

This is the Legendary chest, in a 3d model

So Now you know how we do make our cards and chests

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