how to survive trench warfare parker grove


item 1: helmet


A helmet is very useful and could save your life in the trenches. Metal helmets can protect you from shrapnel, which has killed and deformed countless soldiers. A helmet is also useful because when you are poking your head out of the trench, it could save you from a gunshot.

item 2: gas mask


in this war, people are finding new ways to kill people every day, one of those ways is toxic gas. there are countless methods of covering your face to protect yourself from this, but the most effective is the gas mask. it should be used with goggles, but it will definitely help you from not having your lungs collapse.

item 3: entrenching tool


Whether it's a tool designed specifically for trenching or just a regular shovel, if you are going to be living in a hole for a few years you need to dig a hole. An entrenching tool is useful because it gives you shelter by digging. It also can be used as a weapon if necessary.

item 4: explosives

(WW1 bomb)

Explosives were very important in the trenches, if you are shooting them, you have to poke your head over the trench to see, risking getting shot. If you try to charge over there with lots of people, you'll all get mowed down by a machine gun. But with explosives, all you have to do is hurl it over the trench into the general area of the enemy, causing massive damage.

item 5: something to do


When you aren't being shot at, being in the trenches is extremely boring. It is recommended to bring something to do. Some things could be, paper to write to loved ones and/or playing cards

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