Earthquake by Inesh the cool guy!

Earthquakes, some of the deadliest natural disasters ever known to man. But there are some things that you may not have known. These are 20 things about EARTHQUAKES!

This is a picture of tectonic plates pulling away from each other making a ridge. Lava or Magma rises but, due to the outside cold colliding with the heat of magma. Making it turn into solid rock.

These are the earths layers. The ball is the inner core, then comes the outer core, after that the mantle comes and finally the surface. The place life where life stays.

Do you see the Earth when is was Pangea? Well the reason why it's so different is because of something called tectonic plates. Click this button to learn about tectonic plates.

This is what the earth looked like millions of years ago. Because of the tectonic plates this picture is now inaccurate.


Created with images by Angelo_Giordano - "earthquake rubble collapse" • sasint - "volcano geography views" • - "Tectonic rift, Thingvellir, Iceland" • - "India as an island" • - "India as an island heads to Asia"

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