My Art Portfolio By alyssa dodd

Hello, my name is Alyssa Dodd. This is my first year doing high school art, but I have been into drawing since around 2013-2014 range. I want to go to college to become an animator, and I am planning on selling my art to make money to get there. I think that the beginning drawing class is a lot of fun and great practice, I learned many good drawing techniques and my teacher was extremely helpful.

My elements drawing

One of the first things we did in this class was learning the elements of art. There are 7 elements: Color, shape, texture, value, space, line, and form.

This is my negative/positive drawing. I thought an owl would make a really cool silhouette for this. It was a little difficult to color in the right side without getting some smudged pencil led on the left, so this one took a little bit to finish. I still enjoyed making it, it was fun trying to draw an animal I've never done before.

This was my side profile. We never made a before version of this.

These are my self portraits and side profile drawings. (Post before and after) I learned a lot about how to do the lips. The instructionals were very helpful. I look forward to making another one of these next year. Next time I try this I will work on making it more proportionate, especially on my self portrait.

This is my stippling piece. I took a picture of my sister's shoes, because I thought they might make a good stippling piece. I also thought that this style of art was fun and unique, and it was fun to get out of my comfort zone with this one.

This is my still life drawing. I really enjoyed working on this one, and it was my first time drawing a still life, or a skeleton for that matter. This one probably took the longest out of all my pieces.

This is my scratchboard piece. I chose a cat because they are furry, and it's easier to do furry animals when making a scratchboard. This one was a bit more difficult for me, because I have never made art with a scratchboard. It was still fun to do and I world reccomend trying this unique style of art. I used the method of cross-hatching.

This one is my 2 point perspective drawing. I actually liked doing this one the most, this was also my first time trying 2 point perspective. I learned a better way to draw 3-dimensional cubes and rectangles. Maybe next time, I could put more rectangles and cubes in there and find a creative way to use them. I used the method of the horizon line and vanishing point, which I needed an extra slip of paper to do.

This is my oil pastel painting. I loved using all of the colors in this one. This was the first time in years that I've made anything with oil pastels in years and I had a lot of fun with it. I chose to do an eye because I thought that it would look great with oil pastels, even thought it was a little difficult to do the blending with I still thought that it was good experience to learn how to use them. I used the methods of light and heavy pressure and blending.

Overall, I thought that this class was a lot of fun to take, even though it was a beginning drawing class I still learned a lot of different methods to things, like different ways of shading, learning how to do stippling, and a whole lot more. The class was a bit challenging since I draw only cartoons, and the class projects were, for the most part, thouroughly realism (except for the option of doing abstract every once in a while) but for the most part, it was good for me to get moved out of my comfort zone. I'm excited to take this class again next semester, it will be fun learning design. I think that this class helped prep me for college, which I hope to go to so that I will get a job as an animator. Besides drawing in this art class, I also spend a great majority of my free time drawing outside of school.

All of these are drawings and digital art that I have worked on over the course of the last few months, and I love drawing as a passion.

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