MY SPECIAL DAY My cousin's birTh

Hello my name is Enrico and this is my normal day I finish school at theerteen alf pasta o clock and i'm going to visit my uncles.Im nervous my aunt is pregnat and she is nervous too."GOOD morning aunt, would you like some orange juice or some food"no tha......Whats appenening she is screming."the baby is coming please take the telephon and call the onehaundredeighteen"Im calling and a woman told me"hello GOOD morning What is the emergency""my aunt is becoming a mother Pleas help me".Im scared,GOD! I can't take anymore the emergensy car is here GOOD the man take my aunt and we are going to the hospital,i call my uncle and i told him, uncle please take the car and coming here right now.He told me hey calm down and told me what's appening,the aunt is in hospital, what why? What's appening?.THE BABY IS COMING HURRY AND COME HERE OK!!!.The doctor Told me hey boy your aunt is going on the pregnating room ok.I told him ok my uncle is coming and he told me ah perfect.HEY I'M HERE!!!!.Finaly i'm so happy You here c'mon uncle.few finally after one hour the baby is birth I'm gringo to see my aunt and i see my cousin.My uncle it's crying is to happy and i'm too and my aunt told me c'mon Enrico take your cousin and i told hem look you are a beutiful baby, aunt sorry but what it's the name?.the name is susy it's perfect aunt for me and for me too ask my uncle


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