A TRIP FROM INSIDE TO OUTSIDE SCHOOL work by beatrice silvestrin


"utopian movements produce dystopias" - Dennis Prager

Geroge Orwell in "1984" make us understand that the only way to stop violence is to give her outburst.

The people chanting against the minister remind us the chanting children of "lord of flies" by William Golding. The chant plays an important role: it gives to people strength. They lose their truck and give life to mechanical and irrational actions. So, this novel as the film deals with the dark side of huan nature showing those innate defects that can detroy not only an individual but an entire society.

In this video of Charlie Chaplin we have a link with the great novel "Animal Farm" written by George Orwell. The dominant theme in the novel is the tendency for those who espouse the most virtuous ideas to became the worst enemies (the dictators) of the poeple whose lives they are claiming to improve. In fact, corrupt figures can gain and manipulate power for their own purpose. Here Charlie Chaplin is both extremely funny and witty and yet at the same time provides a strog statement in his satire against totalitarism.

Orwell as all the dictators (see the previous picture) was concerned about the relationship between lenguage and power. He firmely belived that totalitarism has abolished freedom of thought and not only by preventing and forbidding certain thoughts or ideas but by telling people exactely what to think. I think, that all this is possible because you are what you think so you can create reality. The creation of Newspeak in the novel "1984" is an example to restrict disapproved Language by a government or other powerful entity. But this create as a result a limited infromation of reality

Newspeak nowadys: acronyms contain less informations than full term and tend not to trigger spontaneous associations.


when you realise you are not free

This is a world where mankind has been dehumaniseed and scientific progress has advanced dramatically. In this way we are in a moment of trasformation. This world is rapresented perfectly in the novel "brave new world" by A.Huxely.

"brave new world": Soma, drug used to control people by inflicting pleasure


According to Oscar Wilde's aesthetic philosophy the art serves a moral purpose. "the preface" is the manifesto about the purpose of art, the role of the artist, and the value of beauty. Oscar Wilde says that the real artsit disappears under the work of art and he defines art as something that can not be found as moral or immoral because our vision of art depends on our background and the society. so, art is not usefull or useless, but it is for it's own sake. Art has no didactiv aim.

Is contemporary art immoral or moral? In my opinion tattoos are the contemporary example of a form of art that is still criticized. But, according to what Oscar Wilde said about art, I think that this art is the only one that is not appriciate because of the artist but for the art itself. Moreover, as we said before, this art cannot be criticized because every tattoo is the result of the personal background of both the artist and the person who decides to get the tattoo. Tatoos are the pure rapresentation of art for art's sake: People see their bodies as a blank canvas on which describe their stories and personality.


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