Father Francis J. Hoffman, J.C.D. (Father Rocky) Honoring #HeroPriests

Father Francis J. Hoffman, J.C.D. (Father Rocky), Relevant Radio

Submitted by: Renee Edens

Father Rocky offered daily Mass at noon to people across the U.S. seven days a week and on Holy days. He also led the family Rosary nightly online and on the radio across the nation. It was such a beautiful experience to pray with others, and offer our intentions in unity. Since my own parish had closed, I was so grateful to be able to attend daily Mass, Adoration, and Rosary for months.

His dedication to serve and witness to the Lord and the Church 24/7 on radio and online has positively impacted so many. Also, having the chapel seats with pictures of families posted on the chairs and walls that were joining in prayer was such a thoughtful idea. It gave us all a sense of being one congregation together, especially since we could not physically be present. There were so many pictures of families from all across the nation in the Chapel of the Nativity.

People could call or write-in their intentions for loved ones and see that they were not alone. Hundreds of people viewed the online Mass and Rosary every day. It truly was beautiful to feel you were spiritually present with so many others across the nation.