The Truth about Little Caesars Michaela schroeder

Who doesn't love pizza? There are many different places to get pizza but a common place to go is Little Caesars. They have amazing prices! But wait, there's a deep secret they're hiding. Although it is tasty, Little Caesars food can be quite bad for your body.

After doing some research, the item with the most saturated fat in the whole restaurant is the classic stuffed crust deep deep dish pizza. This item contains 7.0 g.

One thing to look at when you're eating your foods is the sodium. Sodium intake is a pretty big deal. The Bacon wrapped crust deep deep dish pizza has the most sodium in the restaurant. This consists of 830 mg!

The product that contains the most calories would have to be the Bacon wrapped deep dish pizza coming in at 450 calories.

After seeing all of those horrible things about the items you love, you must be pretty disappointed but here is a menu of the HEALTHY ITEMS you could eat at Little Caesars. Starting off with the main menu is Oven roasted wings. The side would be an order of crazy bread ( no cheese/ sauces) and water for the drink. All together this food has 170 calories, 3G of saturated fat and sodium of 340 ! That's a huge difference.

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