One question, 10 Texas High students


"I really want to make fashion. I’ve seen a lot of really interesting brands out there that are being creative, and their creativity continues to expand,” freshman MALAKI LEDLOW said. “I’m already working on [creating my own fashion]. I want to create it myself. I plan to go to college for my [designing], too."


“I plan to go into the entertainment industry whether it’s making cartoons or being a writer. I like writing fiction and I’ve heard that writers for shows make a surprising amount of money. I plan to do my first two years at Texarkana College then go to maybe Henderson State or SAU,” junior AARON MONTANO said. “I’ve also heard great things about Austin, Texas. I’ve heard it’s a very strange city which sounds like the place for me.”


“When I graduate and go off to college I want to become a cosmetologist because I like hair, make-up and beauty,” sophomore DALTON O'NEAL said. “I’ve mainly been inspired by youtubers and my sister, especially with the makeup section of it.”


“I want to go into the military. My grandparents and my uncle went into the military so I want to continue it through the generation,” freshman SETH GREESON said. “I would also get to go to college for free. I’m going to take some classes and hopefully get accepted into the military. I’ll also be looking into the military training classes that [Texas High] offers.”


“I want to go to college after high school and I’d like to try and get a degree associated with my art class,” freshman JADEN FORD said. “I’m in art 1 this year and I’d like to take art again. I would like to improve my skills and become a painter in the future.”


“If culinary arts doesn’t work out for me, I’ll go for welding. My favorite part is the cooking, being able to [attempt] different recipes and being able to compete against Mr. House,” sophomore NICHOLAS BATTON said. “I’m in culinary arts right now and other classes also help me in the kitchen. Math helps me when it comes to measuring and knowing the right amount of ingredients. I’ll walk around with Mr. House sometimes to observe what he does, I like that class and I like how Mr. House manages things.”


“I’m going to college to be an engineer. I’ve always liked my math and STEM classes so this career just makes sense,” senior MAX YOUNG said. “I like to work with computers, so I’d like to be a computer engineer. My dad has inspired me to a certain extent. I’m going to Mizzou for college and I’m already enrolled in the engineering program there.”


“I plan to go to college after high school and become a pro wrestler. I have always had a love for wrestling. I watch it pretty much everyday when I get a chance,” sophomore NICHOLAS PRICE said. “I told a friend of mine about this dream and they said to go for it.”


“I’ll go to college probably at UT Tyler and then go into med school so I can study vaccine research,” junior MACY SLOAN said. “I like helping people and want to go into the non-profit organization Doctors Without Borders.”


“I want to go into the military when I graduate high school. Watching other kids has encouraged me to go into the military,” junior TALAYSIA MARTIN said. “Coaching has inspired me to make this decision along with my cousin.”


Peyton Sims