What is the main cause for global warming? Why is it happening? Who is it affecting? how can we help it overall?

Look at your surroundings and pause for a minute. Have you noticed anything different? If you’ve noticed, Earth is heating up. Animals and people alike are being forced out of their homes and into the streets. Global Warming is happening, and it’s happening fast.

Global warming is leaving people homeless, making animals and ice disappear, and creating storms bigger than ever before. People are wondering what tomorrow will be like for humans when yesterday was so swell. So what do we do?

First of all, back then around 1884, the weather used to be so cool and calm but now, thanks to us and only us, Earth, our only home is heating up faster than planned. Scientists have been tracking the climate and its changes over the years and say that 2012 was the hottest year since 1895. According to NASA reports, scientist acknowledge Global Warming as a fact.

Earth is also getting hotter because Global Warming is getting more intense. This is caused by Greenhouse Gases and CO2(Carbon Dioxide), two of the most harmful gases on earth. Greenhouse Gases are produced and trap heat while letting light through. Every day, greenhouse gases trap the sun’s heat and keeps it there, even when the sun goes down. Because greenhouse gases are increasing faster and faster, earth is heating and ice is melting. There are many types of Greenhouse Gases but one of the most destructive Greenhouse Gases is Methane. Methane is created in cow pats and is released into the world. Scientists say that is is happening much faster than natural, so there is no arguing that us humans are the real cause of this problem.

Global warming has created and starting big catastrophes around the world for large communities of people. As the ice in the Arctic is melting, the ocean’s level is been rising. As a result of this problem, people’s and animal’s homes have been washed away. The houses of Bangladesh's children and family have all been washed away and they were left homeless. With no place to call home or stay. And animal’s habitats have been burned down because of rapid and ferocious forest fires. Some of the greatest and most beautiful features about the home we all have now have gone past the point of return.

But Global Warming can be stopped. Many scientists believe that we can all help. Even the smallest deeds all contribute to the stop of Global warming. Global Warming may cause many problems, however it has many solutions. For example, since Carbon Dioxide is one of the main causes of global warming, just saving a bit of electricity can help with the main problem. If you do use electricity, use it wisely. Don’t just let It’s also helpful to rethink your ride whether taking car, train, and bus and walk more. And if riding a car try to use fuel efficient vehicles.Overall, just eco friendlier and don’t waste precious things like food and water.

Global Warming is a very serious issue that has caused many problems throughout the world. But people from countries all over the world are starting to react quickly. People are trying to be eco-friendlier and are praying for the best for our home. We all have the power to control our carbon footprint and every little thing counts. Doesn't matter if your just walking to work instead of driving or recycling. Every contribute brings us closer to the home we need and love.

By Adeline Zhou






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