The Mongols in China By: Billie Raye Colvin


Flat, Dry Grassland

Steppes strech from the black sea to northern china.


Violent acts that are meant to cause fear to people.

Genghis kHan and his mogol warriors became known for their cruel fighting and use of terror.


To bring together as one

GHenghis kHan set out to uniFy the moGol clans


Rulers during a given period of time

In government affairs, the yuan REGIME DIDN'T use civil service examinations.

The mongols invaded other areas after conquering China. Despite a fleet of warships built by the Koreans, the planned Mongol invasion of Japan ended in failure.
This colored lithograph was taken from a manuscript that described Marco Polo's journeys. It shows him leaving Venice in 1338.
The streets are so straight and wide that you can see right along them from end to end and from one gate to the other. And up and down the city there are beautiful palaces, and many great and fine hostelries [inns], and fine houses in great numbers. From "Concerning the city of Cambaluc [Khanbaliq] by Marco Polo
The End


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