PORTFOLIO "They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself" - Andy Warhol

Hey there ! Welcome to my portfolio page. My name is Sanjay Ratnan and I am a George Brown student studying Art and Design Foundations. I have worked and volunteered with a interactive art company called Mammalian Diving Reflex. I really wanted to give it a try and start to be creative in a visual sense. This was my first time doing watercolour and Illustration designs. It was a big learning experience and i hope you like it!


Design Process: Logo Design. I wanted a logo where i could be versatile with my work. Whether it's merchandise, visual art, graphic or just a regular business card. I used a portrait of me, then used Adobe Capture to change to shapes. After drew by hand over to give more of a "drawing" vibe. Then traced over with Adobe Illustrator. As well ass using white/pink squares and twirl tool to give a marble effect in the text.
These were the versions I came up with and changed through out.

"A Night To Remember"

Design Class: Texture. This project was to take any picture we took in photography and add texture towards it. I used Adobe Capture to turn my image into shapes then traced over it. The colour was all applied with watercolour. the white stars were created by using a tooth brush and white paint.

Cameo & Caricature

Multi Media: Cameo and Caricature. This was a project to create a cameo and caricature of a classmate by only using Adobe Draw. I did the border on Adobe Illustrator by using coloured squares then the "twirl tool" to mix it all up and give it a marble effect.

"Black Lives Matter"

Design Process: Poster. This was a project where we just had to create a poster on 150th or a issue thats going on. I picked Black Lives Matter. I picked the colour's from their website and got the quote from research by talking to some activist on some issues. I really do like how simple it turned out.

"Black Lives Matter Album"

Design Process Class: CD. This project was base off of our poster and to make a CD out of it. I Thought to do a album with black artist in it. The top left is the back and the top right is the Front. The bottom is how the inside would look. Wanted to change it more of the design to make it more of a music album then the poster. I traced the heads off of a man and women off google. Used Adobe Illustrator for all of this.

"I See You"

Photography Class: City Shoot. We had to take photo's on how we felt the city was to us. I came across and saw this and took this image. I liked it a lot because it really shows how much buildings we have in the city and how amazing things look sometime in the reflection. Creates such cool shapes and tone throughout the weather. This was edited on Adobe Photoshop.


Short story abstract art. This was a scene developed in our short story (brainstorming).This was a girl knock down her plan and having a realization of it falling down and breaking a car. I developed this by using Adobe Illustration.

"Apple Upgrades"

Photography Class: "Apple Upgrades". Project was about still life and I captured and edited (Adobe photoshop) on how Apple the company are always being so toxic by always upgrading and externally being more and more worse.
Digital Class: Emoji and symbol using Adobe Illustrator.
Design Process: Dingbat

This project was about to great a dingbat from a phrase. I chose the word Majestic. Created this with Adobe Illustrator.


Sanjay Ratnan

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