Project 10 by dalton updike

Project Description

In this project we were asked to build a gear system that could pull large amounts of wight. We had to build and design our own bot and gear system to do this objective. The sled we had to pull was attached to a shoe string with a hook on the end.

This was my first gear system that did not work because there were to many gears that were not needed. Also it did not have enough torque to pull a pencil bag.

This is my second and final gear system that did work and could pull more than just the sled.

What I learned

I learned that when trying to get the most amount of torque that gear ratio is every thing. In my results I found that if you have the smallest gear connected to the motor connected to the largest gear that connects to another small gear that has an axle throw it connecting it to the wheels.


Created with images by susannp4 - "gear gear wheels steampunk"

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