Psycho Grant Williams and Ben Sparks

The Shower Scene

Notice the inclusion of the turkey and the owl in this shot.

Susannah and The Elders from Daniel 13. Story about 2 elders who secretly watch a young woman bathe and attempt to seduce her.

Notice the lack of focus on Norman's actual eye and how close we are to this guy.

The audience is put into the perspective of Norman. The birds on the wall symbolize prey.

Now, instead of showing both predatory owl and gentle turkey, the owl is alone. Owl symbolizes predator.

The Screen is separated into 2 quadrants.

There is one shot in front of Marion, then a perspective shot of the showerhead, then the same front shot of Marion. The showering symbolizes a cleansing of her sins.

There is one light, but two shadows.

The first two shots align, like earlier, but the third shot is wrong. Notice that Marion's body is in the same position, but the background is different. Also, juxtaposition between grid and blank white.

Blank Space makes up the majority of the scene, implying the space will be filled, but Marion is looking in the opposite direction. Tension. Followed by only camera movement.

Sharp sound sounds are almost matched with stabs, also the sound of the stabs. Background split in halves.


Deliberate blurriness heightens tension.

Notice Marion's chest visible, but not visible enough to be censored.

Actual eye contact with audience.

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