Fighting Irish Internship Program University of Notre Dame

"Know your why"-Jack Swarbrick, James E. Rohr Director of Athletics

Internship Summary

Since 2001, the University of Notre Dame Athletics Department has offered an extensive internship program utilizing interns in various aspects of Athletics Administration. Athletics Department Interns are classified as full-time employees and are considered valuable members of the Athletics Department staff. Athletics Department Interns are provided the opportunity to learn a great deal about their specific area of interest while also gaining valuable hands-on experience in the successful overall operation of an NCAA Division I Athletics Program. We also strive to provide our interns with every possible opportunity to grow via endless professional development opportunities. Notre Dame has attracted interns from all over the country and from some of the top sport management programs (graduate and undergraduate) in the nation. Many former interns have secured employment upon completion of their internship or left to pursue graduate degrees from various prestigious universities.


A key component of our Fighting Irish Internship Experience includes a commitment to helping you develop as a professional.

  • Senior Administrators host a social gathering at least once a month where interns will get to network, build relationships, and learn their story and advice for successful careers in the business
  • Monthly Intern Development Sessions to include guest speakers; educational sessions; self-awareness assessments; etc.
  • Resume/Cover Letter workshops as well as Mock Interviews
  • Special projects and volunteer opportunities in areas outside of your sub-department
  • Annual field trip to Indianapolis to interact and network with staff members from the various sports organizations in that area: Horizon League; Indianapolis Colts; Indiana Sports Corp; NCAA

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer For-Credit internship opportunities?

Yes, if your degree requires or allows you to seek out internships for credit in the world of collegiate athletics, we encourage you to contact members of your department of interest. These opportunities are strictly for academic credit and the experience must be contributing to the degree you are pursuing (undergraduate or graduate). These are not paid positions. Applicants are responsible for finding and paying for their own housing (we can provide some suggestions) and other needs for the full duration of their internship.

If you have an interest in Event management, please send your materials to athevent@nd.edu. For any other department interests, please contact Notre Dame Human Resources

What is the compensation package?

Our Internship Program provides a competitive hourly compensation package, including overtime. As an Athletics department intern, you are considered a full-time employee to the university. Therefore, you will have an intern benefits package.

How Can I apply?

To formally apply for an internship opportunity, please check jobs.nd.edu for current openings and/or other available jobs of interest to you.

When can I apply?

Although most of our internship positions begin/end in the summer, the application process is ongoing through out the year and is based on availability. All internship openings will be posted on jobs.nd.edu

Meet Our 2019-2020 Full-time Interns