elements and principles samuel conrad

something that is straight. A line is a usually straight object
A shape is an object with all side connecting. There was many shapes in the picture
how important something is. The drawing had much value
different points of view the eye sees. There were many colors on the drawing.
texture is how the object feels. The drawing had a lot of textures
form is how an object is shaped. The form of the object is very deiiferent.
space is distance in a room or place. There was not a lot of space in the room.
movements is the ability to move. The picture looked like it moved.
rythm is repeating something. The picture had rythm.
the ablity to stay still. The rocks stayed balanced.
many things toghter. The birds were close to each other.
something out of the ordinary. The drawing was amphasis.
a picture or drawing close up in its souroundings.


Created with images by zeevveez - "Lines" • Kenneth Dagenais - "Shapes" • JeepersMedia - "True Value, Shop Rite Hardware and Paint Supply, Silas Deane Hwy Wethersfield, CT, Pics by Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia and TheToyChannel on YouTube" • Kain Kalju - "Colored pencils" • skeeze - "rope coil boat" • nile - "hourglass time hours" • skeeze - "space telescope mirror segments james webb" • annca - "badminton shuttle sport" • Hamdan Mesfer Al Amimi - "waves" • Devanath - "harmony relax rock" • VinothChandar - "Unity!!!" • familymwr - "Army Photography Contest - 2007 - FMWRC - Arts and Crafts - Eye of the Holder" • JensG - "blossom bloom blue"

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