Themes of whirligig By emmett ricker


Joy and goodness connect to me by well basically in I am happy or joyful all the time. I get joy from well soccer, friends, family, and the holidays. This theme is important for the world to understand because if people are joyful and good all the time then many of the problems that we today well really we wouldn't have them.


Peace is a theme that I may have from time to time. It relates to by giving me a time to think and it as well gives me.

Actions have consequences

When you do something it always has a consequence. Whenever you do something good or bad the reaction can have a small or large effect on people. For example say I get a bad grade on a quiz my mom will take away my phone for a set period of time.

Thoughts are powerful

Thoughts are what make every that we as humans make. Well i had to have the thought to chose what to do for this project. Whatever thing that we do minisule or not has to have a thought to go through with a plan or idea.


Rest is a quiet important thing in the world. Rest is honestly the best thing, to me at least. Getting rest after a long day allows you to recoop and get all of your needed energy back.


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