Country Music Vibe Presents Georgia Rae Family Band

Georgia Rae's first solo recording project!

The day Georgia Rae discovered the loop pedal she opened a creative vein allowing her to express not only her amazing fiddle skills, but her happy and creative outlook on life and the world around her like never before. "Insomniac Coyote, " "Walrus Cuddle," "Kelly Kazoo," "Overslept," "Loopy Loop #1," "Wing It," "Buffalopillar Totrugus," and the haunting dream adventure of "Holden Nosleeves," these songs will gladly tag along in the back of your head and you wont mind it at all.

​After 7 years of playing together and 4 CDs to get our feet wet, add some life lived and some inspiration from the world around us, and out comes "Insomniac Coyote,""Sunny Rain,""Albert's Song," "Dirty Dishes," "Movin' Up," "I Have No Friends," "Hippy Song," "It Ain't Me", and Georgia Rae on the Banjo of all things, on "Jacksong." Plus re-recorder bonus tracks of "Back When" and "Jeraldine".

The Georgia Rae Family Band continue to make news as they will be releasing more music. There isn't any stopping this family of talented bluegrass artists. They are the rage at every venue that they have performed at.

Feel free to check out their website, by clicking on the link button below.

The Georgia Rae Family Band will be represented by Publicist and Booking Agency Country Music Vibe. There isn't any doubt in our mind, that this band is going far in their music career. We are very happy to represent them. We will continue to support them in their endeavors as a top bluegrass band. To book the Georgia Rae Family Band, please contact us at pr@countrymusicvibe.com. You may also call us at 813.397.8410. Thank you.

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