the big fall

“Hey is everyone ready to go.” said Ms.Rosen my teacher.

“no” said my brother Mateo.

”yes” said my sister Makayla, and I excited to go. It was a cool February afternoon. The wind was howling, but the wind stop so we were going to have a quick lunch break outside because it was still sunny. So we took our stuff, and went in the car and got ready to go. While the ride, Mateo got bored and said

“Makayla, did you know that there are man eating fish in the water.” Makayla looks at me then looks back to him and says,

“I am not a man.” MY brother and I look at each other now and started laughing .But my sister still confused, my brother continued “ oh i forgot that they also eat woman or girls. But they really like eating girls.” my sister looking a little concerned said “okay”. So we finally got there and me and my sister were so excited so we jumped out of the car. Then we had lunch we had a pb&j sandwich with chips. We go to the park near the river for a while and played on the swings. When i was done playing on the swings i say to my sister “ makayla do you want to go see the ducks?” Yes she replied eagerly. So we walked down the dark but glittering sidewalk. We finally made it the wind started to howl when we finally got there. So we start to looking for the ducks but they were nowhere to be found. Then i lean in a little to see i started to lose my balance,and thought to push off my sister. Then suddenly i hear ‘SPLASH’ and my sister was in the water. I yell for my teacher, i see her for just a moment in shock of what just happened. So she runs. During that I look over to my sister and see a cat in water. I also hear her saying “THE FISHIES ARE GOING TO EAT ME!!!!” she repeated over and over again. My teacher and a nice fisherman near by seeing everything comes and helps. They pull her out in shokand shivering. Her lips like blueberries. So i give her my extra clothes to wear. She was very silent for a good few hours. Me and my brother were laughing once we got out of the car not to disturb the in shok kid. A few hours after that my dad comes to pick my siblings and i up. So the car was silent then my dad says “ i heard you fell Makayla”. Then me and my brother break out laughing. My sister now angry yells at the top of her lungs “ IT IS NOT FUNNY AT ALL !!!!!”. And that was the day that my sister fell into a river we will remember forever.


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