Laura Green Avalanche Forecaster


Mountains are alive. They share with us beauty and adventure. However, with the right mix of elements, mountains can also display an incredible rage. This film short seeks to artistically highlight the personal narrative of Laura Green, one of the Pacific Northwest's most seasoned snow safety advocates. As we view the world though her lens, our audiences will feel the life and breath of the avalanche. This film is not intended to be a training or advocacy video but instead a visual submersion into the life of a professional forecaster and the avalanche control to which she has dedicated her life.

The Avalanche

Mountain avalanches capture the imagination in ways that few other natural events can. They strike awe, fear and respect into those that behold them, particularly skiers and snowboarders that seek to mitigate and bridle their unpredictable forces. Lately, with the increasing popularity and accessibility of backcountry access, the number of recorded avalanches has been on the rise, and every year In North America alone avalanches kill an average of 42 people and injure hundreds more. Most commonly, the snow slides occur due to a lack of knowledge and proper planning - fortunately, there are people out there who have dedicated their lives to understanding The Avalanche.

Our Main Character

Laura Green wakes up every morning to the sunrise on her open air deck. The house inside is warm, but she and her husband prefer the elements of the hills of Klickitat County, Washington. It is in those hills where they live, work, and create each day to sustain a simple lifestyle of self subsistence.

Laura Green also happens to be one of NW Oregon's and SW Washington's primary avalanche specialists, Forecasters and Educators. She has dedicated her life to reporting on avalanche snow conditions for backcountry touring, serving with the Mount Hood Meadows Ski Patrol Snow Safety Team and educating the recreational public through Mountain Savvy avalanche awareness workshops. Laura is a true steward of snow safety and the fascinating subject chosen for this documentary short.


To create a 5-8 minute film that is both festival and web ready alongside the necessary additional deliverables needed for an effective marketing campaign.

The film will be visually stunning with hidden elements avalanche education. Laura Green's story is intended to leave audiences with a new respect for the mountains and a broadened understanding of avalanche awareness.

Five percent of total film budget will be donated to support the work of Northwest Avalanche Center (NWAC) on behalf of the production companies making the film.


Mount Hood National Forest Backcountry

Mount Hood Meadows Avalanche Control Blast Zones

Mountain Savvy Avalanche Certification Workshops

The Home of Laura Green


Filming will take December 2017

Editing will take place in January of 2018

Distribution will begin in mid-winter 2018

Production Team

*NOTE: All crew members are highly trained and proficient in backcountry scenarios


Total Anticipated Budget $34,563

PREMIER SPONSOR - $15,000-20,000

- Prominent brand positioning across all aspects of film’s marketing

- Exclusive “[COMPANY] Presents” brand recognition at the beginning of feature film

- Company name and/or logo featured in closing credits

- Access to feature film for screenings

- Access to trailer for distribution and marketing

- 10 prepared posts for Social Media

- A commitment to work closely with your marketing team

- First right of refusal on all still photographs for marketing

- Access to outtakes and clips for marketing

- Product placement in feature film

- Access to one 30 second teaser video

- Access to one 15 second teaser video

-____________<-- Let us know what you need.

-____________ <-- Let us know what you need.

ASSOCIATE PARTNER - $8,000-$12,000

- Secondary brand positioning across all aspects of film’s marketing

- Company name and/or logo featured in end credits of film (alphabetically listed)

- 7 prepared posts for Social Media

- Access to trailer for digital distribution and marketing

- Access to 10 still photographs for marketing

- Product placement

- Access to one 15 second teaser video

-____________<-- Let us know what you need.

-____________ <-- Let us know what you need.


1.) Well publicized premier at a notable Film Festival.

2.) Online release alongside coordinated campaign between brands, athletes and production companies

3.) Continued film festival screenings both inside and outside of US and screenings at NWAC events.


Additional Photos By Jesse Hambley

Film Partners

The Northwest Avalanche Center
Created By
Sean O'Connor


SPO Visual Storytelling / Bedrock Film Works / From the Upper Left Stories

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