All Religions are Unique but what makes them unique? Written by Cameron Carriker

Day 1

My first day was a bit hectic, if that could even describe it. So I arrive in Jerusalem around one o'clock and did not hesitate to go explore the city. I first went to the Western Wall, also known as the Wailing Wall. This site has so much history behind it, so many different walks of life were at this wall admiring it. Me being one of those mesmerized I couldn't take in how many people were there. This site is sacred to the judaism religion due to it being a holy temple. But to be more in depth they consider this wall an eternal symbol, the wall has survived nine rebuilds of Jerusalem. This is the one standing artifact that has not changed. This wall is not only a sacred site but an architectural landmark

Walkway in Jerusalem (left) Wailing Wall (right)

Day 2

I now travel to the land of Mecca, this city is so focused on religion that only Muslims are allowed in. So I didn't have long to quickly explore the city, I soon go to the Kaaba the most sacred building in the most sacred mosque. The Kaaba is so important that it is in their 5 Pillar's of Life, to travel there at least once. It is said that the Prophet Muhammad placed the Black Stone in the Mosque. Their architecture to their building's are quite astonishing, they all tend to have the exact same theme. They all have pillars and have almost spherical tops to them.

Kaaba (left) Kaaba and Mecca (right)

Day 3

I now make my way to Varanasi, considered the spiritual capital of India. There I visit the Ganges River, probably the most sacred and holy rivers in the world. It is used for daily needs such as bathing, but has its religious importance too. The Hindus use this river for rituals, they sometimes cup water out of the river and let it fall back in, they also give it offerings such as roses and clay pots. They even spread the ashes of loved ones in the river, and take home water for rituals at their home. One Hindu Temple really stands out from all the others. The Kashi Vishwanath Temple is known for being gold plated and also considered the most famous temple for Hinduism. It has duplicated patterns on the tips of the temple and is an amazement to look at.

Kashi Vishwanath Temple (left) Ganges River (Top and Bottom Right)

Day 4

After Varanasi I move on to the state of Bihar in India. This place is known to Buddhists as the place where Buddha obtained enlightenment, he supposedly gained it under a tree which is now named Bodhi Tree. Once I arrive I head over to Bodh Gaya, the most sacred place of the Buddhist religion. The main attraction point is an astonishing 80ft tall Buddha statue, this isn't the only thing they have to offer though. There is also the Mahabodhi Temple, this temple has the Bodhi Tree tucked inside. The Buddha statue is an iconic mark of Buddha and what he stands for and is very important to the Buddhism religion. The temple is glazed with many intricate designs and is also a very important part to the Buddhism religion.

Mahabodhi Temple (Left) Buddha (Right)

Day 5

Now for our last stop we head back to Jerusalem to visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, this church contains the two most holiest sites in the religion. It contains where Jesus was crucified and where he was buried then resurrected. This site is sacred because of its contents inside. The architecture is nothing compared to some temples and mosques but it does have some not so intricate designs. The place where Jesus was crucified is also known as Calvary, these two places are huge in the religion. It's important because it almost proves that Jesus is who he says he is, that he is the true son of god.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre (Left) Jesus Tomb (Right)
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