Gap Years, Are they Worth It? Emmy Reynolds

Gap Years have become more of a relevant topic in todays society amongst teenagers looking to go to college. Brain development, social trends, terms of college acceptance, and future job placements have played a major role in the increase in relevance on the topic of gap years.

Trends in high school seniors choosing to take gap years have dramatically changed over the past few decades, with regards to comparisons with these statistics in different countries the question as to why? Needs to be answered.

The visible change in interest in gap years over time, especially peaking around 2015
Seemingly, more central northern states show more interest in gap years than southern states. This could be due to job demand.
Another increase in interest in gap years
This shows why people who chose to take gap years took their gap years.

Several different draws towards gap years have become something that makes this year or 15 months so desirable.

chance for privileged people to see the world and get a better viewpoint on who they are

As colleges get harder to get in to, the terms of acceptance have dramatically changed from a grade only view point to a heavily relying on the applicant's extracurricular activities.

Affirmative action and gap years switching roles, the idea of essay writing rather than a point system that gets you in to colleges.

The possibility of preparedness in the brain not being sufficient for college attendance is a possibility in the increase in drive towards gap years.

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