Pan By luke merkley

The Greek` god pan, god of the wilds, once saw a beautiful nymph. But the bad thing, was that he was not very good looking, so all the nymphs would stay away from him. The nymph’s name was Syrinx, and Pan wanted to seduce her. So, he went after her, and Syrinx, like all of the other nymphs, would run away from him. She got help from her friends who were nymphs, and they turned her into a reed in a place where reeds grew everywhere. When pan tried to find her he couldn’t. So, pan cut the reeds into different sizes and turned them into panpipes. He named the pipes Syrinx, after the nymph who was one of the reeds.


Characteristics -

Angry – "Pan's angry voice was so frightening, that caused panic to anyone who was unlucky to be close enough to hear it."

Brave – "Pan is the protector of shepherds flocks"

Valiant – The website says that when he saved the flocks, that the people called him "valiant"

Theme - The theme of this myth is that we need to protect nature

Pan is all about nature, in fact he is basically father nature


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