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Hello, I am Micah the super extremely cool naturalist that also studies biomes and other cool stuff like diseases. Today I am writing a report on Tundras. A tundra is one of the many biomes. A tundra is the most coldest biome of all the others. Examples of tundras include Antarctica, the North Pole, the South Pole, and Iceland (when it's Winter).

a tundra

There aren't really any plants in a tundra depending on how cold it is. If it's not really cold you might find a few forests covered in snow. But if it's in somewhere Extremely super cold then there is guaranteed no plants (Unless you count the dead ones).

Trees in the cold place

Animal examples in tundras are wolves, bears, and penguins. There are many other animals there like moose and birds but there tooooo many to be described. Some animals like the ones you see everyday can also survive and live in tundras only if they are a species that can survive in coldness without getting hypothermia.

Tundra animal

Oh and if you're confused, a biome is a type of land you live in. Like Africa is a savannah and THE ARCTIC is a tundra.

more tundra animals

Ok that's all of my report for today. Hope you enjoyed my report on tundras, their animals, their plants, and what tundras and biomes are. See you next millennia when I write my report on Mumps and Plague.


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