Road Trip Eastern Oregon

Wallowa Lake and Mt. HOward summit

View of the Wallowa Mountains from the top of Mt. Howard
View from the top of Mt. Howard
Wallowa Lake Tramway - 3700' vertical ascent in 15 minutes, to the top of Mt. Howard
South end of Wallowa Lake

Mascall Formation

On the right (picture above) you can just make out the road that takes you through "Picture Gorge"

John Day Painted Hills

Painted Cove trail lets you get up close to some (significantly smaller) hills.

John Day - Clarno Unit

John Day Blue Basin

Newberry Volcanic Monument - Lava Butte & the Trail of the Molten Land

On the right, close up view of cinder rock that covers the top of the butte.
The black is all lava rock. If you look closely, a little left of center, you can see the "Trail of the Molten Land"
Trail of the Molten Land

Newberry Volcanic Monument - Big Obsidian Flow trail

Everywhere you turned, Obsidian. In fact, the majority of all the rock you see in these photos is actually obsidian - including the giant boulders. The pictures don't do it justice.

Cathedral Rock

The End

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